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ZOOM How Many Bugs in a Box?
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/XP, Mac OS 7.5.5+) (Jewel Case) (BUGBOXDJ)

Simon & Schuster
SelectSoft Publishing


Ages: 3 to 6


4 stars from Electronic Entertainment

An Eye-Popping Introduction to Numbers

David A. Carter's best-selling pop-up book is now interactive. The book's bugs dance, swim, fly and buzz their way across your computer screen teaching numbers, counting and primary arithmetic. How Many Bugs in a Box? offers children three super ways to enjoy their favorite bugs. Bug Fun delivers 8 learning games, each with a hilarious bug host, imaginative animations, and countless silly sound effects. Kids can also Read Along and Explore at their own pace, discovering the antics of the wildest bugs in the digital universe. In the Juice Bar, kids can hang out with their bug buddies and hear their favorite bug tunes again and again. Hours of surprise and delight await young bug lovers who will swarm to the computer to learn.

Numbers 123
This game reinforces number recognition and counting skills. Encourage your child to count along with the bugs. Back to Top.

Ferris Wheel
This game reinforces number matching and counting skills. Encourage your child to say the require number of bugs, before putting them into the Ferris wheel.

How Many?
This game reinforces visual discrimination, counting, and keyboarding skills. Encourage your child to identify the bugs that are needed before counting them.

Color by Number
This game reinforces number skills and color recognition and introduces preliminary chart reading. Your child will be encouraged to read the color names on the Harder level. Encourage your child to identify the colors on the chart before beginning to play.

Count the Bugs
This game introduces beginning sequencing and the concepts of greater than and less than. It also reinforces counting skills. Encouraging your child to read aloud the numbers that are on the bottom of the screen.

Bugs on a Table
This game helps your child develop the basic skills needed to complete charts and sort information. Encourage your child to study the large bug before playing.

Catch a Bug
This game reinforces you child's visual discrimination, hand-eye coordination, counting and basic chart reading skills. The Harder level also reinforces listening and memory skills. Encourage your child to identify the bugs she or he has to capture.

Go Buggy
This game reinforces number recognition, sequencing and planning ahead. Encourage your child to plan ahead and create the right path through the maze.


Windows: Windows 95/98/Me/XP, 486/33 MHz or better, 8MB RAM or more, 256 color VGA, 4x CD-ROM drive or faster, Soundblaster or compatible sound card. Works best with a Pentium 1 or earlier processors.

Macintosh: Performa or better, 6 MB RAM or more, System 7.5.5 or later, 2x CD-ROM drive or faster.


Electronic Entertainment, October 1995

"Preschoolers ages 3 to 6 can master counting the old-fashioned way with Simon & Schuster's How Many Bugs in a Box, the bug-filled pop-up book by David Carter. But the CD-ROM version offers more than just the text of the 10-page book; kids can apply what they read by playing the title's eight counting games. On the computer, Carter's adorable frog bugs, fish bugs, and noodle bugs can sing and play musical instruments too."


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