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ZOOM Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Interactive
Sold Out (Win95/98/ME/XP/Mac) (Retail) (BOBDYLANDR)

Graphix Zone



4 ½ stars from Multimedia World

4 ½ stars from CD-ROM Today - Best Music CD-Rom 1995

Music Will Never Be the Same

Once in a generation comes an artist of the magnitude and importance of Bob Dylan. Highway 61 Interactive is a distillation of more than three decades of his experiences, influences and artistic contributions. Highlights include:

  • 7 fully navigable environments
  • An interactive timeline of Bob Dylan's career
  • A complete database of all Bob Dylan albums, songs, lyrics and liner notes
  • A previously unreleased "electric" version of "House of The Rising Sun
  • Celebrity interviews with the stars of Bob Dylan's 30th Anniversary concert

Meet Bob Dylan on Highway 61 Interactive...the journey won't be the same without you.

Join the revolution that percolated in the coffee houses of Greenwich Village, featuring vintage Bob Dylan, beat poetry and more video and audio treats.

Discover your special free tickets to Bob Dylan's famous 1993 Supper Club performance. Stroll inside, find your reserved table - and enjoy two exclusive video performances.

Sit in on the recording session of "Like a Rolling Stone" - from first take to final cut in a virtual re-creation of the Columbia Recording Studio in 1965.

Explore legendary Greenwich Village and discover the people, places and events that influenced Bob Dylan's music.

Sneak backstage at Bob Dylan's 30th Anniversary Concert and meet with the many celebrities who have come to celebrate his music.

Thousands of fans and an unparalleled line up of stars join to celebrate Bob Dylan's 30+ years of music and you've got front row seats and a backstage pass.

Browse through an interactive scrapbook loaded with rare photos, images and memorabilia tracing Bob Dylan's youth and artistic career.


Windows: 486SX 25MHz or faster, 4MB Ram (8MB recommended), Microsoft Windows 95 or higher, 640x480 screen resolution with 65,536 colors (16 bit color), double speed CD-ROM (300KB/sec transfer rate), 15MB available hard disk space, 16-bit Sound Blaster or Windows compatible sound card, mouse.

MAC: Color Macintosh capable of displaying thousands of colors, 8MB RAM (Power Mac 12MB RAM), System 7.01 or higher, 640x480 screen resolution (set at thousands of colors), double speed CD-ROM (300KB/sec transfer rate), 10 MB available hard disk space.


Multimedia World, May 1995

"Bob Dylan's Highway 61 Interactive is a benchmark CD-ROM. It's the first to translate the work of an artist of considerable stature and historical importance into the new medium, while preserving the elements that mad his work so compelling in the old.

"....This isn't a greatest-hits look at the man and his music. Rather, it is a point-and- click tour through the rarities, oddities, and interesting bits of trivia that give texture and meaning to Dylan's long and storied career. The hits are here, but they are only the starting point for a much broader perspective on Dylan's life and work.

"Even if Bob Snobs sneer at the program's gamelike aspects, the lyric database alone is worth the admission price. You'll find the words to every song Dylan has written. This is nothing short of phenomenal, considering the depth and sheer volume of the work. It's also convenient, because he never followed the trend of putting lyrics on his album covers.

"Regrettable, there is no print function for the lyrics due to copyright restrictions, and there is no search facility for individual phrases. If you're dying to know which song contained that line about something that "balances on your head like a mattress balances on a bottle of wine" the disc won't help you.

"In spite of these flaws, Highway 61 Interactive more than lives up to its billing. No Dylan fan should miss it."

CD-ROM Today, July 1995

"The main on-ramp to Highway 61 is a collage of musical mementoes and artifacts from Dylan's life and times - photos, concert tickets, an old typewriter. Click on the items to take a tour of Greenwich Village, enter a recording studio, check out a newsstand, flip through a photo album, go backstage at the Tribute concert, and so on. Almost anything you click triggers the sounds and images of Dylan's extraordinary career.

"The primary material is fascinating. Audio tracks include the take-by-take development of "Like a Rolling Stone," an alternative version of the standard "Blowin' in the Wind," and an electric rendition of "House of the Rising Sun" that predates the Animals' hit by two years. Segments from previously unreleased videos of Dylan performing "Queen Jane Approximately" and "One Too Many Mornings" adorn the disc. You can check out snapshots from his high-school years, his distinctively primitive sketches and paintings, or an interactive time line of Dylan's own development within the context of historical events.

"...There are also no listings of the officially unrecorded Dylan classics still only available on bootleg albums and CDs. I'm thinking, for example, of concert highlights like the scorching "I Ain't Going To Go To Hell For Anybody" from the Slow Train Coming gospel tour. If only they had beta-tested it with a couple of Dylan fans!

"Yet, while Dylan purists like myself will have some nits to pick - and fans of Eno, Gabriel, or (formerly known as) Prince may disagree - the bottom line is that Highway 61 Interactive is the best CD-ROM presentation so far of a musician's life and work. Anyone excited by Dylan will find this tour through his prodigious career to be one of the most compelling discs of this or any other year."

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