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ZOOM Blue's Learning Time
ABC's, 123's and You!
Sold Out (Win95/98) (Retail) (BLUELTIMDR)

Publisher: Infogrames

Early Childhood - Ages 3-6

Learn and Play the Blue's Clues Way

Blue's Learning Time helps kids gain fundamental knowledge of numbers and letters while interacting with Blue, Steve and all of Blue's friends. Includes two Blue's Clues CD-ROM's Blue's ABC Time Activities & Blue's 123 Time Activities.

Blue's 1-2-3 Time Activities

Practice pre-math and problem-solving skills in this activity pack filled with multi-level learning games. Develop logical thinking and deductive reasoning skills, recognize and complete patterns, practice simple mathematical operations and explore estimation and prediction. Preschoolers strengthen early math skills as they help Blue win Big Prizes at the Prize Tent.


  • Builds early math confidence
  • Reinforces real-world concepts and problem-solving skills
  • Enhances math skills with multi-level learning activities
  • Allows individually-paced learning and automatic advancement
  • Features easy-to-use, in-depth Help Files on disc
  • Manual includes Parent & Child Activities

Blue and her friends help strengthen essential early math skills, including:

  • Counting and number recognition
  • Simple addition and subtraction operations
  • Shape and pattern recognition
  • Sorting and classifying attributes
  • Prediction and estimation
  • Weight and measurement
  • Sets and subsets
  • Counting and spending money
  • Number line exploration and navigation

Blue's ABC Time Activities

mailtimeExplore the world of letters, sounds, and words with Blue and her friends in this activity pack filled with multi-level learning games. Identify letters, build vocabulary, practice phonics, and create rhymes as you collect words to help Blue build silly stories in her Word Book. the more words you collect, the more stories you can create and print out.


  • Multi-level learning activities reinforce pre-reading skills
  • Collect letters to create silly stories in Blue's Word Book
  • Print Blue's Word Book and other activities to share with family and friends
  • Difficulty levels automatically adjust to meet each child's skill level
  • Easy-to-use, in-depth Help File on disc

Blue and her friends help you learn essential early learning skills, including:

  • Initial letter recognition
  • Upper and lowercase letter discrimination
  • Alphabet recognition and sequencing
  • Phonics
  • Visual and auditory discrimination
  • Consonant blends
  • Word formation
  • Early vocabulary
  • Rhyming


Win95/98: Pentium 166 MHz or higher, 80 MB free hard disk space, 32 MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM drive.

Macintosh: 132 PowerPC, System 7.5.5, 80 MB free hard drive space, 32 MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM drive.


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