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ZOOM Bioscopia
Sold Out (Win95/98/NT/Me/2000/XP/Mac) (Retail) (BIOSCOPDR)

Publisher: Tivola

Ages 10 & Up


A- from Just Adventure

90% from Adventure-Archiv

The science adventure sequel to the bestseller, PHYSICUS!

Where Science Conquers Evil!

Trapped in an abandoned biological research station a young researcher enters a door and finds herself in the world of BIOSCOPIA! She awakens the laboratory`s long-dormant robots, who begin pumping poisonous gas throughout the lab. Time is running out. You must find and save her! But, it won`t be easy. You will need to use principles of human biology, cell biology, genetics, botany and zoology to solve the puzzles that unlock the doors leading to the trapped researcher. Deductive ability and skill are required to meet the challenge: Free the girl from her hiding place, while learning many exciting facts from the world of biology. Learn as you play...and biology becomes the adventure!


  • Human Biology
  • Cell Biology
  • Genetics
  • Zoology
  • Botany


To actually enter this laboratory you have to solve a puzzle about the human digestive systemWindows 95/98/NT/Me/2000/XP: 166 MHz, 64 MB RAM, SVGA-graphics card (16-bit) sound card, CD-ROM drive (8x speed), 120 MB free hard disc space

Macintosh:MAC OS 8.1, Power PC, 64 MB RAM, graphics card (32.768 colors) sound card, CD-ROM drive (8x speed), 120 MB free hard disc space


Just Adventure by Alexander Tait

"This is one title that really deserves to wear the "edutainment" badge. Every time you need to recharge your access card, you are required to answer up to five biology questions, specifically relating to whichever node of the complex you are in. Right next to the question machine is a database (the "Big Brain") that features all the answers to the questions and is a superb presentation of hundreds of fascinating facts and concepts of biology. If I knew any biology teachers, I would advise them to consider this tool for teaching basic fundamentals of biology. For the educational value at the cost, it ought to be considered in the budget for new resources at schools, as well as Physicus. As an edutainment title, this deserves A+."

"The puzzles in this game almost all involve collection of inventory items and using them in the right places. There are some of Myst-type puzzles that involve reading documentation and using the information (such as codes) to open a sealed lock. There are other puzzles that also make sense in the respective nodes of the complex. These involve using information relating to the stream of biology (such as making a flower bloom) and other contextual puzzles. Every puzzle in the game makes sense. They all relate to biology and are NEVER obscure. Look around and all the information is there ready to be used..."

Quandary Review by Steve Ramsey

"If you enjoyed Physicus you will enjoy this. Much of what made Physicus such a good game is present here. They are certainly among the few best edutainment titles I have played, and are two excellent adventure games whatever the sub-genre. Perhaps they could be a little more open in terms of where you can go and when, but the large target audience (10-102) probably dictates a more directed approach, plus it makes them accessible for novices and the more experienced alike. They are solid products, not resorting to tricked up puzzles or worlds, nor relying on mazes or timed puzzles to provide a challenge. Attention to detail, careful searching of the environment, and a willingness to dip into the database will see you through (although I thought the penultimate puzzle solve in Bioscopia left a bit to be desired). They impart information, yet remain fun. You can tell I am a fan."

" is an excellent adventure game, despite some flaws and niggles. I keenly look forward to Chemicus, the next production from this stable."

Adveture-Archiv by Gini translated from the German

"In the research station Bioscopia attempts were accomplished to provide machines with artificial intelligence by genetic and molecular manipulations. By a number of unfortunate accidents the robots succeeded to seize power over the researchers. The only chance for the humans was escape. Thanks to a particularly courageous laboratory assistent the advance of the robots was stopped. He overrode the main reactor before the robots could supply themselves with the necessary energy to leave Bioscopia. Years later a young scientist is on her search for Bioscopia. However unintentional she releases a nuclear chain reaction..."

If you look close this skeleton gives you a hint

"The actual goal of the game is to save the young scientist. Therefore you must produce an antibiotic to save her life and find a way out of this prison. The solving of this two puzzles is pulling through the entire game; you'll again and again find parts, which bring you near the final solution step by step..."

"The learning-section is "BigBrain" I already mentioned, the large, all-knowing computer memory of Bioscopia. Here everything necessary for the solution is stored. If you are stuck with a puzzle, it is helpful and advisable to have a second look at the relevant learning chapter. You will probably find the solution there. That learning-section itself is divided into 5 segments. They correspond to the most important chapters of biology: zoology, genetics, cell biology, botany and anthropology. These chapters are devided into further sub-chapters (e.g. zoology is devided into vertebrate animals and invertebrate ones)..."

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