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ZOOM Better Homes & Gardens Great American Cooking
$19.95 (Win) (Retail) (BH&GAMERPR)

Multicom Publishing



3 1/2 stars from Electronic Entertainment

Featuring America's Best-Loved Community Recipes

Share the rich flavors of America with family and friends with this delightfully interactive culinary guide based on Better Homes and Gardens America's Best-Loved Community Recipes. Choose from more than 500 uniquely American creations tested for flavor and quality by the experts at the Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen. This treasury of good taste overflows with multimedia features that will make you a cooking and meal planning expert.

Gain the Skills of a Seasoned Chef.

Learn from the pros with narrated videos covering 150 basic to advanced cooking techniques.

Gorgeous full-color photographs and expert tips ensure picture perfect results every time.

Meal-Planning Magic.

Twenty minutes until dinnertime? Use Great American Cooking's special search feature to look up recipes by preparation time.

Watching fat or calories? No problem! You can add special nutrition requests to your search, too.

Print out recipes for easy stoveside use, then click to get a printed shopping list organized by the sections in your grocery store.

Add your own favorite recipes for easy reference.

For extra time-saving convenience, search for recipes in other Multicom CD cookbooks you already use-and no need to change disks!

Serve-up the Taste of Americana.

Great American Cooking includes a collection of the most delicious community recipes available.

Discover the story behind many of these recipes which originally appeared in community cookbooks that benefit a wide range of groups and institutions.

From outstanding community cookbooks around the nation, these recipes represent the flavor of America.

Requirements: MPC or equivalent, 25 MHz 80486SX or better, Minimum 4 MB RAM (8 MB recommended), DOS 3.1 or later, Microsoft Windows 3.1 or greater, Double-speed MPC-compatible CD-ROM drive (680 MB), VGA monitor/display at 256 colors, Sound Blaster compatible audio board, Mouse, Microsoft CD-ROM Extensions 2.2 or later.


Electronic Entertainment, October 1995

"The disc's intuitive interface, easy-to-read screens, and video clips - more than 125 of them - make this digital cookbook a nifty kitchen tool. Use it to organize your recipes, plan meals, make shopping lists, and guide you in preparing great American favorites."

"The range of dishes, culled from the Better Homes and Gardens collection, covers the spectrum from light nouvelle cuisine - food that's good for the waistline - to classics like chicken and biscuits - food that's good for the soul. And since America is a melting pot, you'll also find gustatory imports like gumbo and chow main mixed in with recipes for cucumber sandwiches and The World's Best Deviled Eggs. You won't confuse this disc with the Weight Watchers' cook book, but it's stuffed with mouth-watering recipes and fascinating glimpses of American culinary history."

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