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ZOOM The Beer Hunter
$14.95 (Win) (Jewel Case) (BEERHUNTPJ)

Discovery Channel Multimedia



3 (out of 4) stars from HomePC

Spiffy from MacAddict

The complete interactive guide to the beer renaissance.

Based on Michael Jackson's popular network series and best-selling home video.

"All over America," says Jackson, "tiny new breweries are rediscovering traditional techniques and reintroducing classic styles of beer, packed with flavor and interest." The Beer Hunter includes detailed information on the nation's best beers, as well as sections on the art and history of brewing, all seasoned with Jackson's unique perspective and refreshing wit.

The Beer Hunter tracks the character and heritage of more than 500 American beers. Cross-referencing features allow users to search for brews by region, style, fermentation, color, taste, etc. The CD highlights the recent microbrewery phenomenon and offers extensive information on beer events, publications, associations and Internet bulletin boards. Home brewing advice includes tips on ingredients, equipment and procedures.

Requirements: A multimedia PC or equivalent - includes 486SX or higher processor, 4MB of RAM minimum (8MB recommended), double speed CD-ROM, hard drive, audio board, mouse and VGA display - 256 colors. MS-DOS or PC-DOS operating system version 3.1 or later, Microsoft Windows graphical environment 3.1, MS-DOS CD-ROM extensions (MSCDEX) version 2.2 or later.


HomePC, February 1996

"If you're looking for a refreshing diversion, this CD-ROM goes down easy, with a complex balance of ingredients and an excellent finish."

From Electronic Entertainment, June 1995

"If your beer vocabulary's been limited to Budweiser, Miller, and Coors, take heed: There's a lot more out there in the way of suds. Capitalizing on America's microbrew-mania, noted beer authority Michael Jackson teamed up with the Discovery Channel to produce The Beer Hunter, a CD-ROM based on the six-part television series of the same name that aired on the Discovery Channel last year. Jackson, an Englishman, highlights his top 25 American picks, while the title also serves up virtual sips of more than 500 other American brews. Search for your favorite concoctions by region, style, or physical characteristics."

Computer Shopper, September 1995

"Not too long ago, many Americans considered beer a thin, watery concoction with some alcohol and little taste. Luckily, America's beer culture has been transformed in recent years, ushering in a wealth of small breweries, or microbreweries, that are churning out some of the world's best brews. Enter The Discovery Channel's The Beer Hunter CD-ROM. This CD will help beer aficionados and neophytes understand more about beer's history, and about the scope of American beers in particular.

"The Beer Hunter CD is hosted by The Beer Hunter himself, Michael (not the moonwalker) Jackson, the English bloke who hosts The Discovery Channel series, 'The Beer Hunter.' The program is broken into four parts: History of Brewing, Art of Brewing, a Field Guide, and a Resource List.

"The History of Brewing begins with beer's earliest beginnings in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, and proceeds to the beer renaissance in Europe, its importation to America, and finally to the modern microbrewery. The Art of Brewing takes a video tour of the brewing process, covering the ingredients and the brewing methods of large breweries, microbreweries, and finally, home breweries.

"The Field Guide, perhaps the most useful part of the CD, is a database of microbreweries and their products. Jackson includes the addresses and phone numbers of the breweries, as well as when certain seasonal beers are available; you may conduct searches by region or by beer style. For homebrewers, the disc includes the kinds of malt and hops in the brews, as well as their alcohol content and specific gravity (density). The Beer Hunter himself provides comments on the flavor and character of each beer, as well as audio clips describing each of his top 24 picks. You won't find every microbrew here, but you will find the better ones.

"Finally, the Resources section has listings for beer-related events such as The Boston Brewers Festival; periodicals like Zymurgy; organizations like Beer Drinkers of America; and mail-order supply houses.

"Some lapses in the interface detract from the overall experience. First, there are no scrollbars with sliders in the windows, just two small up/down arrows. Second, the program lags somewhat in switching screens. Third, though you can take notes on individual beers by clicking on the pencil icon, the notepad plants itself inconveniently on top of the main window in the middle of the screen. Finally, the text within windows can neither be selected nor copied to the Clipboard.

"These points aside, The Beer Hunter is a good addition to a multimedia library. Even if you don't know a lager from a stout, Jackson distills his beer knowledge so that even the initiate can understand the complexities of brewing and tasting beer."

HomePC, October 1995

"Not long ago, deep in the ruins of Mesopotamia, archaeologists found a series of stone tablets that contain what may be the world's oldest recipe. It was used to brew beer. No wonder some anthropologists call the hoppy beverage the lifeblood of early civilization (they believe that humans organized into societies to farm the land to grow grain, not to make bread, but to produce the forerunner of the six-pack). Writer/host Michael Jackson (no, not that one) isn't kidding when he launches his CD-ROM with the wry observation, 'Beer is a civilized drink.'"

MacAddict, November 1996

"If your idea of a trip around the world means drinking imported beer at domestic prices, sip a few with the World Beer Hunter before making any travel plans."

Beer expert Michael Jackson pours 20 years of intensive research into an all-inclusive beer bash of a CD-ROM. Visit more than 500 breweries, linger over more than 300 beers, and keep track of it all in your 'Personal Pub' notebook."

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