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ZOOM The Beginners Bible
Old Testament Favorites
$9.95 (Win95/98/Me/Mac) (Jewel Case) (BBIBLEOTDJ)

Publisher: Brighter Child / SelectSoft Publishing

Ages 3-8

Based on the Best Selling Children's Bible!

Includes 3 complete Bible stories with games and activities! Based on the Beginner's Bible, the best selling children's Bible in the world, these fun and educational activitites impart Bible knowledge while expanding critical thinking skills.

With interactive video clips from the Beginner's Bible Video Series from Sony Wonder.

Young David:God has chosen Jesse's son, young David, to be the next king of Israel. Find out how this young shepherd boy becomes the greatest king of all.

Moses in the Land of Egypt:Learn the story of a small baby in a reed boat who, with God's help, grows up to lead his people out of slavery.

Noah's Ark:
Noah and his family need your help to prepare for the flood. And so much needs to be done! Help build the ark, buy the supplies at the market, and round up the animals. Take care of the animals on the voyage then celebrate when you reach land.

Features and Activities:

Young David:

  • Build the Brothers
  • Leader of the Band
  • Find the Stones
  • Target Practice
  • Path Puzzler
  • 12 Coloring Pages
  • Three Sing-a-Long Songs: Great Big Beautiful Heart, Goliath, Best Friends

Noah's Ark:

  • Build the Ark Puzzle
  • The Marketplace Game
  • Find the Animals
  • Arts and Crafts (printer required)
  • The Questions Game
  • Feed the Animals
  • Rainbow Repeater
  • Noah's Musical Melodies

Moses in Egypt :

  • Guide the Boat
  • Find the Staff
  • Red Sea Maze
  • Swat the Flies
  • Catch the Manna
  • Six Coloring Pages
  • Sing-a-Long Song: Mighty Moses and the Israelites


Windows 95/98/Me: 100MHz Pentium compatible or higher, 8MB RAM, 1 MB hard disk space for minimum installation, 4X CD-ROM Drive, 680 x 480 (256 color) display, Sound Blaster 16 or 100% compatible sound card, Speakers, Mouse .

Macintosh:PowerMac, System 7.1 or higher with QuickTime Extension, 8MB RAM, 1MB hard disk space for minimum installation, CD-ROM drive, 13-inch 256 color display.


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