Ballet Is Fun
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An Interactive CD-ROM Video Dictionary

Based on the Russian Ballet Method, this unique and fun interactive video dictionary contains 325 ballet steps and moves set to music, with a choice of stop action or slow-motion video. Several hours of organized instruction with all the necessary steps to become a beautiful dancer.


  • Video Dictionary
  • Practice Notebook
  • Jumps and Beats
  • 7 Basic Movements
  • Turns
  • Poses and Positions
  • Training Secrets
  • Connecting Steps
  • Stretches
  • Surprise 3-D

The husband and wife team of Ann Etgen and Bill Atkinson had an idea for a multimedia ballet training program that would complement and reinforce the studio classroom. They applied their years of teaching and training dancers to its development and the result is this comprehensive, interactive CD-ROM video dictionary that plays on a home personal computer. The program is aimed at dancers of all ages and levels, parents of children studying ballet, dance educators and ballet enthusiasts. We know you will enjoy exploring the many features this exciting new program has to offer. Go ahead, jump right in and see for yourself why ballet is fun.

Danced by world class dancers

  • Christine Dunham, Ballerina, American Ballet Theatre
  • Li Cunxin, Principal Dancer, Houston Ballet and Australian Ballet
  • Barbara Bears, Principal Dancer, Houston Ballet
  • Jennifer Davis Tinsley, New York City Ballet

Requirements: Windows - 486, Pentium or better, Widnows 3.1x or Widnows 95, 8 MB of RAM, SVGA monitor (640x480 resolution), 16 bit (thousands) color, 2x or better CD-ROM drive, Sound Blaster 16 compatible with speakers, quickTime for Windows 2.1.2 included.

Requirements: MacOS - 040 (Quadra), PowerPC or better, Mac OS 7.1 or better, 8 MB of RAM (16 for PowerMac), 640x480 monitor, thousands of colors, 2x or better CD-ROM drive, external speakers recommended, QuickTime for Mac 2.5 included.

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