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ZOOM Bailey's Book House
$9.95 (Win95/98/Me/2000/XP/Mac) (Jewel Case) (BAILEYBHDJ)
Note: This is an updated product packaged in a jewel case. Image shown is from an earlier boxed version.



Ages: 2 to 5

Develop a Love for Reading with Bailey!

Designed by early learning experts, Bailey's Book House encourages young children to build important literacy skills, while developing a love for reading. In seven interactive activities, Bailey and his friends invite kids to explore the sounds and meanings of letters, words, rhymes and stories. No reading skills are required: all directions and written words are spoken.

Master Simple Prepositions
Where's Edmo? It's up to you! Direct the action and send Edmo & Houdini over, under, in, out, off and on the doghouse.

Learn the Alphabet
Learn your ABCs with the animated, talking Letter Machine. At the touch of a letter, Dinosaurs dance and Rhinos rollerskate!

Explore Self-Expression
Make a card for any occasion with Kid Cards. You can decorate and print your own colorful creations.

Create Your Own Story
Become an author as you send Bailey's friends on wonderful adventures. Your stories - filled with spaceships, flying carpets, jungles and monsters - can be printed and folded into storybooks.

Explore Adjectives
Select words to describe your Friend's hair, eyes, nose, mouth, arms and feet. You'll learn common adjectives and build descriptive phrases as you watch your Friend change.

Learn Three-Letter Words
Sound out words at the Three-Letter Carnival! Group animals and objects by names that rhyme, or group them by names that begin with the same letter.

Make Your Own Rhymes
Rub a dub dub, three kids in a shrub? Mother Goose rhymes take a new twist when you become a poet in Read-A-Rhyme.

Learning Opportunities

  • Learn Names of Letters
  • Recognize Upper- and Lower-Case Letters
  • Recognize Rhyming Words
  • Sound Out Word Beginnings and Endings
  • Learn and Use Common Adjectives and Prepositions
  • Build Sentences
  • Increase Reading Vocabulary
  • Print Your Own Work

Help Your Child Learn! In Dear Parents, Edmark's Donna Stanger discusses early learning and each of the activities in Bailey's Book House.


Windows: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP, 8 MB RAM, 486DX/33 MHz or faster, SVGA Monitor, 640 x 480 (256 colors, or more, required), Hard disk with 5 MB free, Mouse, Windows-compatible sound-output device, 2X CD-ROM Drive. Optional: printer, Edmark Touch Window.

Macintosh: Macintosh System 7.0.1-9.2 or OS X Classic Mode, 68030/40, PowerPC or better, 640x480 13" or larger Monitor with 256 or more colors, 8 MB RAM, 2X CD-ROM drive. Optional: printer, Edmark Touch Window.


CD-ROM World, September 1994

"Five playful early-reading activities capture a yound child's imagination in Bailey's Book House. The program features Bailey, an animated cat, and several of his neighborhood friends, including Harley Horse, Sammy Snake, and Millie Cow. Visitors explore Bailey's world by using the mouse to click on interesting objects, and selected items are often gateways to exciting learning opportunities.

"For example, choosing Bailey's typewritier takes children to the Letter Machine. An open-ended option lets them explore alphabetically arranged letters on a computer-like keyboard. Each letter is associated with a particular object (C for caterpillar, for instance). Once an object is selected, words for it appear onscreen and are highlighted as they are read. An amusing animation reinforces the learning concept.

"The Kid Cards section invites youngsters to design and print holiday cards, invitations, and special greetings using clip art and letter stickers as decoration. And in Read-a-Rhyme, your kids can create their own Mother Goose rhyme by choosing a new ending to an old favorite."

"Bailey's Book House combines high-quality graphic animations with digitized sound effects, music, and speech for an engaging learning experience. It develops basic language concepts, encourages thinking, and promotes creativity. Kids play with letters and written words, and have fun as they strengthen early literacy skills. This is one electronic neighborhood your kids will want to visit again."

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