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ZOOM Backyard Baseball
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Jewel Case) (BACKYARDPJ)

Humongous Entertainment


Ages: 5 to 10

Sandlot Baseball

Backyard Baseball captures the fun and laughter of summer days spent playing sandlot baseball with the kids for the old neightborhood. Kid announcers Vinnie the Gooch and Sunny Day help your kids get to know each of the 30 girls' and boys' strengths of weaknesses. And just like real little leagues, quirky personalities, contagious clumsiness and hysterical hi-jinks are a big part of the game as your kids laugh their way to the pennant. Backyard Baseball features all of the realism and statistics of adult baseball games, but with simple controls that even the smallest T-ballers can master. Backyard Baseball provides hours of fun that never get rained out.

Not quite ready for the big leagues? Try T-ball mode until you're ready to step up.

Play a quick game or settle in for an entire season. Advance to the league title, national championship and Backyard Baseball's World Championships.

Print your favorite player's card or even a customized team photo.

S-W-I-N-G Batta-Batta!

It all starts in the BBL Clubhouse, where kids can select one of 10 diamonds, check out the hardware in the trophy case, or get on update on the league standings.

Kids lay out a plan for victory as they juggle the batting order and adjust the fielders.

Choose from 8 different swing choices, including boosted bats like the Under Grounder and the Screaming Line Drive. Pitching is as easy as choosing one of the 12 tosses, including Fastball, right Hook and the infamous Corkscrew!

The Backyard Baseball League gives you customized team photos, cool mascots, team logos, individual playing cards, and even up-to-the-minute statitstics for each players.

Winning is only part of the fun, but when kids do, they can go all the way to the World Championships.

Your kids are in control as they choose their players, team name and uniforms

Choose from 10 different fields, including a vacant lot, parking lot and several backyard ballparks.

Hitting has never been so easy as kids control when to swing, how hard to swing, and where to hit the ball.

Choose from 12 different ptiches, including crazy cartoon-style tosses like the Slo-mo, the Elevator and the Big Freeze.

Innovative base running and fielding controls let everyone in on the action.

Each player's printable card shows individual skill ratings and biographies.


Windows - IBM PC or 100% compatible, Pentium 60 system with 16MB of RAM, SVGA (640x480, 256 color) graphics, Windows 95/98/Me/XP, sound card, quad speed CD-ROM drive.

Does not work on Windows 7/8.


Mr. Bill's Adventureland

"Humongous advertises this 'feel good' Sandlot Baseball game as the #1 selling Sports CD-ROM for kids, and we well understand why it is number one. We adult kids had a ball playing it (pun intended) and had to drag ourselves away in order to concentrate on the more serious, and less fun, adult games.

"With easy-to-use controls simple enough so that even your littlest kids can compete, the game nevertheless has enough variations and complexity built in to challenge even those of us who think we are experts. Indeed we had a hard time winning!"

"This game is a sure winner for any kid interested in baseball, with hours and hours and days and days of varying playing situations. We highly recommend it!"

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