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ZOOM Ansel Adams Screensaver
Sold Out (Win95/3.1/Mac) (Retail) (ANSELASSDR)

Time Warner Electronic Publishing / SouthPeak Interactive



3 1/2 stars from Electronic Entertainment

The Mural Project and Other National Park Photographs

This beautiful collection of 30 Ansel Adams photographs - interspersed with quotations from his writings - marks the first time Adams' work has been published in electronic form. Created by the award-winning MultiMedia Corporation of London, under the direct supervision of The Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust, this magnificent Screensaver sets a new quality standard for the presentation of photography on computers.

From Yosemite Valley and the Grand Canyon to Old Faithful Geyser and the Grand Teton, Ansel Adams captured the majesty of the American landscape like no artist before or since. A legendary photographer and, in his lifetime, America's best-known environmentalist, Adams worked for nearly seven decades, celebrating our nation's unique natural beauty on film - and on earth preserving it for future generations.

Among the most technically accomplished photographers in the history of the medium, late in life, Adams became fascinated by the potential offered by electronic imaging. The Ansel Adams Screensaver realizes, at last, some of that potential and gives us an entirely new way of looking at these wondrous images.

Requirements - For Windows: Windows 3.1 or greater, (Compatible with Windows 95), 640 x 480 or greater screen resolution, (with at least 256 colors or grays), 4 MB RAM, 486SX or faster, 3.6 MB minimum hard disk space.

Requirements - For Macintosh: System 7.0 or greater, 640 x 480 or greater screen resolution with at least 256 colors or grays, 4 MB RAM, 68020 or faster, 6.1 MB minimum hard disk space, (Screensaver 3.8 MB/QuickTime 2.3 MB), Accelerated for Power Macintosh. Purchase includes QuickTime 2.0.


Electronic Entertainment, October 1995

"Ansel Adams is considered by many to be the greatest landscape photographer who ever lived. Now, Time Warner Electronic Publishing and London's Multimedia Corp. bring 30 of his breathtaking black-and-white images to your computer screen in the Ansel Adams Screensaver."

"Enjoy the serenity of the spectacular mountains, rivers, and cloud formations that Adams photographed in many western and midwestern national parks, including several of his well-known Yosemite shots. In addition, various pieces of Adam's writing pop up randomly between images."

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