Animaniacs Game Pack
Sold Out (Win95/Mac) (Jewel Case) (ANIMANDJ)

Funnybone Interactive/Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment/Knowlege Adventure


Ages: 8 and up

5 Totally Wacky Arcade Games

Oh nooo! The Animaniacs have escaped from the Warner Bros. water tower (again!) and now they're wreaking havoc on your ocmputer's desktop. Join Yakko, Wakko, and Dot to compete in five outrageous multi-leveled arcade games for spectacular grand prizes and worldwide fame (or maybe just for the high score against your friends).


Dot is having freaky, scary nightmares - get rid of the "bad guys" by blowing them kises and freezing them instantly in their tracks.

Baloney's Balloon Bop!

Use Yakko, the bouncing Animaniac, to pop Baloney's balloons and spoil the annoying dinosaur's party before he hugs again.

Belchinator Too!

A robot army has taken over the ACME labs. Use Wakko's secret weapon, The Burp, to dissolve the robots before it's too late.

Prop Shop Drop!

The studio needs props for its new made-for-TV movies. Help Yakko race through the nutty warehouse collecting the props before time runs out.

Tee Off!

Avoid outrageous obstacles while playing a wild game of miniature golf on the Warner Bros. Studio lot.


  • Incredible TV-quality animation
  • Catchy tunes and sounds - including all-new, hilarious lyrics to the Animaniacs theme song
  • Special bonus! Customize your computer desktop with Animanicacs "wallpaper" patterns, sounds and icons.

Requirements: Windows 95, 66 MHz 486 or faster (Pentium recommended) with 16 MB RAM, double speed CD-ROM, Windows 95 compatible sound card and video card capable of 640x480x256 colors

Requirements: Power Macintosh with 16MB RAM, System 7.1 or better, double speed CD-ROM.

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