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ZOOM Ancient Civilizations
Sold Out (Win95/3.1/Mac) (Retail) (ANCCIVDR)

Publisher: Entrex Software, Inc.

Reference / History

Grades 4 to 9 / Ages 8 to 16

The Mediterranean World of 200 B.C.

Build a Phoenician empire by trading with Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. Role play as a Phoenician merchant and his family in 200 B.C. Witness the rise of the Roman Empire and the decline of Ancient Egypt. Visit the pyramids, the Parthenon and earn enough through trading goods to buy the villa of your dreams.

As you travel you will have to deal with many different issues, including: deciding upon a career for your eldest son; locating a spouse for your daughter; building a factory to process raw materials you bring home; and dealing with the many rogues that populate the countryside (have you ever tried throwing a rock from a sling? Better brush up your skills!).

Gain helpful insights into the daily life of a Phoenician family

Learn about the relative value of goods and the essence of bartering through trade

Discover interesting facts about native plants, animals and ancient architecture

Use the electronic database to research dozens of topics on the Egyptians, Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans and other older civilizations

Two Thousand Years Ago...

...and more, there lived a Phoenician trader named Hamil. In this simulation of Ancient Civilizations you play the roles of Hamil and his family. Hamil's family includes his wife Astarte, his sons Melcarth and Gades, and his daughter Tyrae. Their life was simple and sometimes harsh. But Hamil had a dream... To provide a good life and future for himself and his family. Trade, earn profits and buy the fabulous villa you've always wanted.

Travel back and forth across the Mediterranean trading gold, timber, silks, oil and many other exotic items. Meet traders speaking different languages in Arabic, Egyptian, Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Lebanese, Spanish, and Turkish. Immerse yourself in their cultures, learning architecture and trade, agriculture and medicine, religion and inventions, and native plants and animals.

Find a husband for your daughter, help direct your sons to fruitful and successful careers and witness the birth of your new child. This program will take you through the life of an ancient seafaring mariner.

This excitingly graphic program features:

  • High quality graphic interface with pull-down menus and button controls
  • Multi-cultural awareness - traders speak in their native languages
  • Hunt and gather - learn about plants and animals from the Mediterranean
  • On-line database containing topics relevant to Mediterranean cultures


Windows: 8 MB RAM, 486/66 MHz or faster, Windows 3.x or later, 256 colors, QuickTime 2.1 or later (2.1.2 included), 2x CD-ROM player.

Macintosh: 4MB available RAM, 68040 or PowerMac, System 7.1 or later, 256 colors display, QuickTime 2.1 or later (2.5 included), 2x CD-ROM player.

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