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ZOOM American Visions
(Win95/98/Me/XP/Mac) (Retail) (AMVISIONDR)




3 1/2 stars from CD-ROM Today

20th Century Art from the Roy R. Neuberger Collection

An incredible journey through one of America's finest art collections. American Visions is an exciting new way of experiencing one of America's finest art collections, including over 185 different exquisite works of modern art, created by 129 respected artists.

View the works of

  • Georgia O'Keeffe
  • Jackson Pollock
  • Milton Avery
  • Stuart Davis
  • Jacob Lawrence
  • Mark Rothko

Spend some time strolling through this interactive museum. Each work of art is linked to related materials which afford the user a unique perspective unequaled in a museum or gallery.

View over 45 QuickTime movies of the artists and the collector.

Hear Roy R. Neuberger talk about his passion for modern American art.

Listen to the artist discussing the creation of their works.

Refer to text and photos which offer unique historical perspectives on the era in which the works were created.

With the option of browsing or searching the collection by year, artist, or style, the user will enjoy a different experience on each journey through this award winning title.


Windows - 486/25 or better, VGA color monitor and graphics card running at 256 colors, 8MB RAM, Windows 3.1, Sound Blaster or compatible sound card, mouse, double speed CD-ROM drive.

Works on Windows XP. Run install.exe, no quicktime, no reboot.



CD-ROM Today, June 1995

"American Visions: Journeys Through Art, Act One: 20th Century Art from the Roy R. Neuberger Collection is both impressive and engrossing. One hundred and eighty-five 20th-century American paintings, sculptures, and drawings from The Neuberger Museum of Art in Purchase, New York, are displayed in this elegantly designed title, which documents the most frenzied period in America's artistic life as seen by millionaire collector Neuberger. Particular emphasis is given to Neuberger's favorite painter Milton Avery, but there's also plenty of material on most of the important American art movements and groups prior to Pop, such as social realism and abstract expressionism. Period art criticism, photos, and an extended video interview with Neuberger provide fascinating context for the works, but no magnified details or high-resolution images are included. It's just filled with great art you won't find on another disc."

Computer Shopper, October 1995

"Creative Labs' American Visions: Journeys Through Art: Act One highlights 200 20th century paintings and sculptures from the prestigious Roy R. Newberger Museum in Purchase, New York. The program's elaborate interface provides eight types of thumbnail icons that let you enjoy background information, interviews, critical commentary, photographs, and entertaining videos such as a film of Alexander Calder demonstrating his kinetic sculptures of circus characters."

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