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ZOOM America Adventure
Sold Out (Win/DOS) (Retail) (AMERADVPR)

Knowledge Adventure


Ages: 6 to 106

Journey from the Past to the Present to Discover the People and Places of America

Start your Adventure. Click on the Native American icon to see who first settled the land. Click on countries around the world to see who immigrated to America, why, and when. Click on the foods icon to taste regional delicacies. Or slide through the time line to relive America's past. These are just a few of the exciting ways to begin your journey.

Where is it? Which city is often called Beantown? Where would you most likely find a bowl of Gumbo? Which state is home to Mount Rushmore? Check out the billboard with a famous landmark. Then click on the right signpost to show you know where it's at.

Morphing Presidents. Watch George Washington melt into John Adams, his successor. See Bush become Clinton. Or move your mouse back to see Clinton become Bush. In fact, you can watch all 42 presidents parade before your eyes in order of their terms.

America's Movies. View some of the most dramatic moments in American history - as well as some of its most beautiful scenery. Be there as Dr. King delivers his famous "Dream" speech. Witness a Civil War battle. Kayak the sparkling, icy waters of Glacier Bay. Even watch dancers get loose with the Boogie Woogie.

What's the Capital of Ohio? Or Oregon? Or Arkansas? The billboard gives you several choices. But only one is correct. Click on the answer. Or get a clue by clicking on the capitol dome, and listen to hints spoken in local dialects.

Home Sweet Home. What areas did Americans first call home? When did the West become a desirable place to live? What areas are losing population? This is one of the most dramatic ways to view the patterns in America's population growth from the late 1700's to 1990. Watch the colors go from cools to warms as an area's population grows.


Windows / DOS: 2MB available on hard disk, CD-ROM drive, Color VGA or SVGA, PC/MS-DOS 3.1 or higher, 386 PC, mouse and sound card.

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