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ZOOM Alphabet
Sold Out (Win95/98/NT/Mac) (Retail Box) (ALPHATIVDR)

Publisher: Tivola

Ages 3 and Up

Multilingual: English and German


from Children's Software Revue

4/4 from the Boston Sunday Herald

Play with the A B C's

Alphabet is an Acrobatic Circus that challenges every possible sound and shape of the 26 letters. It is entirely up to the user how to play.

An A marches from left to right, a B pumps itself up, and a row of K's fall over in a clatter - just touch any letter on your keyboard and the most beautiful and fascinating animated images will move across your screen!

There are many games to discover, all focused on the letters of the alphabet.

Based on the book of the same name by Kveta Pacovská.

Educational Value:
Develops color, shape and pattern perception, stimulates cognitive, motor and language development just as letter recognition and phonic skills.


Windows 95/98/NT: Pentium 166, 16 MB RAM, 16 bit high color graphic card, sound card, CD-ROM drive 4x speed.

Macintosh: Power PC 7.1, 16 MB RAM, 32,768 colors, 4x CD-ROM drive.


Children's Software Revue

"...this visually rich experience takes interactive alphabet books to a new level. From the very start, children need only press a key to hear a letter. Strengths include a straightforward way to move between activities (just move the mouse up to the corner of the screen), high responsivity that gives kids feelings of control, and a wide variety of amazing activities to explore. For example, children can use the mouse to gobble up letters in pac man like game, or watch hundreds of little droplets form letters on the screen to match the letter pressed on the keyboard."

Los Angeles Times by Jinny Gudmundsen, March 1, 2001

"It's rare when I sit back and say 'Wow!' But it happened recently as I took a peek at 'Alphabet,' a software title based on a picture book by Czech artist Kveta Pacovska. 'Alphabet' creates a constantly changing environment in which a child's actions affect what appears on the screen.

"'Alphabet' begins with a series of scenes full of animated letters. In this 'Fantasia'-like world, letters appear randomly and are said aloud. Children control the order of presentation by hitting a specific key on the keyboard.

"The letters of the alphabet might form a quilt of muticolored O's or appear to be doing the wave across the screen. As they spin, fade in and out, swirl and sweep, they create fascinating patterns. Pacovska's use of bright and bold colors creates a striking palette of letters."

"'Alphabet' is unlike any other piece of children's software. It is hard to capture its essence in words because it creates such a beautiful experience. The fluid presentation of vibrant letter paintings makes you feel like you are in an art museum. This unique kaleidoscope of sight and sound can be played by 3-year-olds, but older children will better appreciate its ingenuity."

Boston Sunday Herald

"I realize that it is early in the year to give my Best of the Year award. But Tivola Corporation's Alphabet is so deserving, and I am so thoroughly unlikely to see anything as magical in the next 11-and-a-half months, that I do not hesitate.

"This CD-ROM had me laughing out loud with delight in the first five minutes of use.

"Let's be clear: This program will not teach your child his or her ABCs. For one thing, because Alphabet is a European import, it calls the letter Z 'zed.' Who knows what kind of trouble your kid could get into at school for saying 'zed.'

"For another, Alphabet is a work of art rather than a phonics lesson. It's a fabulous playspace that uses letters as a theme, a jumping-off spot for wild flights of imagination.

"In fact, children may not be the best audience for Alphabet. It is designed by the renowned Czech art and illustrator Kveta Pacovska, whose art is simple but sophisticated."


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