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ZOOM Algebra Smart
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The Princeton Review


Algebra Was Never So Easy - Or So Fun

Step 1: Begin each lesson with a pre-test, take the midterm to check your progress, tehn test your knowledge on the final exam.

Step 2: Study algebra with the experts - Princeton Review teachers - as 130 videos take you through 12 key lessons.

Step 3: Play the algebra games and turn math into a fun, competitive activity.

Step 4: Use the Homework Helper to chart your progress and get advice, then see how quickly your scores improve.

Special Features

12 detailed lessons cover a full year of core Algebra I curriculum

Witty, irreverent approach makes learning algebra fun

More than 130 videos guide you step-by-step through each lesson

Algebra games make practice fun

Endless question module generates an infinite number of Algebra I problems

Over 500 practice problems with in-depth explanations and animated responses

Homework Helper for matching Algebra Smart lessons to chapters in 10 of the best-selling Algebra I textbooks

Midterm and final exams to test your mastery of algebra

Internet access for downloading additional drills

Improve your grades at home.

  • 12 in-depth lessons covering 60 key subject areas
  • A full year of core school algebra curriculum
  • 4 types of drills in each lesson, including a diagnostic test to assess your strengths and weaknesses
  • Glossary of algebra terms
  • Endless question module for infinite practice

Master the following Algebra I topics.

  • Numbers and operations
  • Solving equations and inequalities
  • Graphing linear equations
  • Exponents, roots, and powers
  • Systems of open sentences
  • Polynomials and factoring
  • Quadratic equations and parabolas
  • Functions and word problems

Test your knowledge in "The Algebra Games."

  • Head-to-head competition against the rival team to test your algebra wits
  • 3 rounds per game, including a lightning round and wacky word problems
  • 10 lesson-specific games and 10 all-purpose games with increasing levels of difficulty

Enhance your skills, grades, and test scores.

  • Homework Helper makes algebra class easier
  • Lessons can be matched with classwork from many Algebra I textbooks
  • Princeton Review teachers personally guide you through your homework
  • "The Algebra Games" test your mastery of algebra

Track your progress.

  • Checklist to keep your studies on track
  • Progress report and study guidance
  • Score report from drills and tests
  • Detailed reports ready for printing

Prepare for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT.

  • General strategies and test-taking techniques from the award-winning Inside the SAT and ACT

Find even more on the Internet.

  • New algebra drills available from The Princeton Review web site
  • More textbooks and educational resources continually added


Windows - 486 DX processor, 8 MB RAM, double speed CD-ROM drive or faster, SVGA monitor (256 colors), sound card and speakers, modem optional.

Macintosh - System 7.0 or later, 8 MB RAM, double speed CD-ROM drive or faster, 256 color monitor (14" or larger), modem optional.

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