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ZOOM Disney's Aladdin
Activity Center
$9.95 (Win95/98/ME/XP) (Retail) (ALADDINPR)

Disney Interactive


Ages: 5 and up


4 stars from Multimedia World

Thumbs Up from New Media

Explore a Whole New World of Games, Puzzles, and Art Activities

Have tons of fun learning with the Genie as he guides you through the magical world of Disney's Aladdin. Click the button to enter the Cave of Wonders, the Royal Palace, or the Agrabah Marketplace. Then choose fun-filled games, puzzles, and art activities to play. It's a unique experience to enjoy again and again.

Click on three locales or the Sultan's Theatre for endless fun.

Spelling games provide a fun new way to learn.

Color pictures with crayons or watercolors.

Travel through mind-boggling mazes for tons of fun.

Challenge yourself with exciting musical games.

Put all the pieces together? Try the next level.

Build your concentration skills with memory games. Intriguing matching games really test your wits.

Watch six different movie clips in the Sultan's Theatre.

Multiple skill levels in the activities allow kids of varying ages and abilities to be challenged.

Kids can print out their favorite Aladdin images to color and paint at home or make up their own coloring book to take on-the-go.

Requirements: Windows - 486SX 25MHz or better, Microsoft Windows Version 3.1 or higher, 4MB RAM (8MB highly recommended), 10MB free disc space, Microsoft compatible mouse, 256-color SVGA, 8-bit sound, 2x CD-ROM drive.

Requirements: Macintosh - LCIII or better, System 7.1 or higher, 5MB RAM (8MB recommended), 6MB free disc space, 256-color monitor, 2x CD-ROM drive.


Multimedia World, March 1995

"If you have a small child and you haven't seen your quota of 1,000 Aladdin screenings, it's time to make room in your CD-ROM drive. The new Disney title comes with a Sultan's Theatre, where your little one can sing 'A Whole New World' along with Jasmine and her Street Rat, over and over again (while you, meanwhile, earn credits toward your quota).

"Fortunately, there's a lot more to do in Aladdin's Activity Center than watch clips from the movie. This beautiful 3-D game lets kids ages 3 to 8 play an assortment of puzzle, matching, painting, spelling, maze, and musical games in different locales (the Palace, the Marketplace, the Cave of Wonders, or the Sultan's Theatre). Along the way, the friendly genie, who's a Robin Williams sound-alike, tells kids when they need to try again or when they deserve a pat on the back."

Quandary Review by Rosemary Young

"Amongst its basket of goodies this title includes a 'movie theatre' option where children can view half a dozen excerpts from the Disney Aladdin movie. To me they were magic (eeek, at my age!) -- and they worked a treat. Aladdin, the movie, has been put on my list of videos to borrow from the local video store and, if it was still showing at the theatre, I'd probably be on the lookout for a couple of children to borrow for an afternoon. So, if you let your children loose with this game, be prepared (if you haven't already) to also be on the lookout for the movie."

"No child could possibly get confused or lose their way playing this game, and it couldn't fail to entertain any young Disney fan. There are hours of fun just waiting at the press of a mouse button. It's colourful, friendly and encouraging (no penalties for making a mistake, just the opportunity to try again) and in every screen there is a help function through which a cheerful blue genie will give clear directions to any hesitant player..."

New Media, July 1995

"Interactive Disney: It's a child's dream come true. The Aladdin Activity Center takes kids into the magical world of Agrabah, where a high-spirited and helpful Genie (a wonderful Robin Williams sound-alike) welcomes them to play games and solve puzzles while they learn about colors, sounds and, most importantly, to try, try again."

"The disc is full of rich color and exotic treasures; the music, voices and animation are superb; and the icons are child-friendly. But the real strength is the repetitive, positive messages the child receives through the Genie - phrases like 'We have a winner!' and 'You have one good memory in there!' When a mistake is made, the Genie remains positive, urging the child to 'Give it another go' or 'Try again, OK?' The child is in complete control and knows that help is just a Genie-click away. Then, after a successful finish, the Genie exclaims, 'I'm proud to have you as my master!' What child wouldn't like to hear that?"

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