Are You Afraid of the Dark?

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Viacom NewMedia


Ages: 8 and up


Thumbs up from NewMedia

The Tale of Orpheo's Curse

"Showman and magician Orpheo the Great opened his own theater during the height of vaudeville in the 1920s. Crowds poured into Orpheo's Palace, drawn by the mystery of magic. Orpheo dazzled them with spectacular shows. One fateful night, while he was performing his famous Teleportation Trick, something went terribly wrong. Instead of being transported from one box to another, Orpheo's assistant, his daughter Elizabeth, disappeared.

"Orpheo's Curse is based on Nickelodeon's 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' television series, where a cast of young people sit around a campfire and introduce eerie tales. The CD-ROM begins the same way, then gives way to gameplay.

"The game picks up Orpheo's mysterious story many years later, as brother-and-sister duo Alex and Terry explore his now-abandoned theater. Their expedition soon turns into a kidnapping and a rescue mission." - CD-ROM Today.



New Media, September 1995

"Afraid of the dark? Me? Well, maybe a little now that I've maneuvered past lunging mummies and Marie Antoinette's guillotine in the haunted Orpheo's Palace, the setting for this title. Based on Nickelodeon's show of the same name, Are You Afraid of the Dark is an excellent mystery game for kids 8 and up that has the photorealistic excitement of Myst laced with well-executed video scenes. Kids search scary scenes for clues, and if they get caught they can take a different route. This CD-ROM moves fast, serves up the goods and may make 10-year-olds sleep with the lights on."

CD-ROM Today, June 1995

"Orpheo's Curse looks impressive. Rendered graphics are blended with live-action video, creepy special effects, and spinetingling music to create a dark and moody atmosphere...Viacom certainly has admirable intentions. Orpheo's Curse features a female hero, and the game is free from gore and physical violence. Unfortunately,...the designers must have been so preoccupied with how this title looks that they forgot about the story."

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