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ZOOM Absolute Zero
$9.95 (DOS) (Jewel Case w/ manual) (ABSOZEROPO)

Domark/Spectrum Holobyte


Difficulty Level: Intermediate


4 stars from CD-ROM Today

4 stars from PC Entertainment

3 1/2 stars from Computer Gaming World

Nothing could have prepared the peaceful mining colony for what was about to happen. From deep within Europa's icy core came an unknown and terrifying alien presence. The ensuing onslaught instantly transformed Europa - into a living hell.

Now you must use your mining machinery as weapons of war...

Absolute Zero features a vast array of missions with scores of texture mapped space vehicles on screen simultaneously. With 7 different vehicles to fly and drive, 15 different weapon systems, inter-racial rivalries and mass anarchy, this is one action-packed space epic you won't ever forget.


Dozens of missions in a complex, interwoven plot.

Fly and drive 7 different vehicles with 15 different weapon systems.

Dynamic Silicon Graphics designed interface giving access to news reports, e-mails and character diaries.

FMV sequences and Interactive CD soundtrack with complex, layered sounds and professional voice-overs.

Stunning Gouraud shading.

Play different characters throughout the game.

Requirements: IBM PC & compatibles - minimum CPR 486/66 MHz, pentium recommended, DOS 6.0 or greater, 8MB RAM min., SBGA cards, supports SoundBlaster and General MIDI, supports S3, ATI and Weitek accelerator chips, double-speed CD-ROM drive, mouse required, compatible with all joysticks.

Requirements: Power Mac -


PC Entertainment, February 1996

"During the course of the game, you must play seven different characters, both male and female. In an interesting twist, more than one character may play a critical role in a single mission. For example, one mission scenario may cast you as the bait in an ambush, while the next has you playing the role of the character springing the trap.

"During the game's 30 mission scenarios, you'll get the chance to take the controls of seven vehicles, from sky bikes to gun turrets, each armed with an increasingly powerful array of weapons and defenses as your allies begin to forge swords out of plowshares - or mining lasers, as the case may be."

"Absolute Zero may not set a new standard for space action games, but it certainly takes a step in an unusual and intriguing direction."

CD-ROM Today, March 1996

"Given its lack of visual appeal and detail, I can't say the title is a stellar example of the state of the art in Macintosh gaming, or even computer gaming in general. But players will derive plenty of enjoyment from Absolute Zero's extensive storyline and exciting game play.

"The story is an incredibly rich space opera that is skillfully intermeshed within the game....

"The sheer variety of vehicles, missions, and weapons make each level of play a formidable, but not insurmountable, challenge as you attempt to master the machinery and fight off the bad guys. The title's VR Tunnel interface is both easy to understand and navigate. Within the tunnel, you get the gist of the storyline, descriptions and available configurations of vehicles and weapons, and invaluable enemy intelligence reports."

Computer Gaming World, April 1996

Absolute Zero is "an odd blend of ingenious ideas and rather quirky gameplay that results in an experience that's fun and fresh, but also quite frustrating."

"...I bet with all this bashing, you're expecting me to say that this is one CD-ROM that would be best used as a mini-Frisbee. But that's not the case - once I sloshed through the initial garbage I actually found a damn fun game that offers some truly innovative twists on an unfortunately stale genre."

"Throughout the game you keep in contact with your alter-egos via e-mail messages and their private diaries. Along your salvatory journey you'll deal with politics, backstabbing, and even an estranged spouse who files for divorce just as you're fighting for your life.

"Domark deserves snaps for this unique approach. The writing for the diaries and e-mail is fresh, relevant, interesting and feels like it's coming from a unique character. I felt like I was really able to get a sense of them as people beyond the struggle at hand.

"In addition to the myriad of character, you participate in a wonderful array of missions, from straight attack sorties to being a simple turret gunner on a ground craft to alien capture operations."

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