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ZOOM 9 Month Miracle
$9.95 Older Macintosh Only!
(Mac) (Jewel Case) (9MONTHMMJ)

Publishers: A.D.A.M. Software / Mindscape

Reference / Medicine


4 stars from Electronic Entertainment

Conception To Birth - A Family's Interactive Guide

Join Adam and Eve as they experience one of life's greatest miracles - the birth of their child. Nine Month Miracle is a wonderful way for the entire family to learn about conception, childbirth and everything in between. "Emily's New Sister", a special section geared toward younger viewers, helps answer those tough questions with games and animations to help children understand what pregnancy is all about.

Explore the Beginnings of Life Month-by-Month...

Conception. The magic of childbirth starts here. Witness first-hand the beginnings of the amazing journey toward a new life. Outstanding medical illustrations and animations will offer the whole family a wonderful glimpse into this remarkable process.

First Month. You may not even know you are pregnant yet, but at one-quarter-inch, the developing baby already has a heart and structures that will quickly form the organs.

Second Month. Tiny fingers and toes are now visible. Major areas of the brain and peripheral nervous system have also formed. Not only are you eating a lot more, but the baby's needs for oxygen and nutrients have increased too.

Third Month. It's hard to believe that we all start out looking like this. Watch a baby's face form right before your eyes. Development of the face is a fascinating process in which dramatic changes take place in a short amount of time.

Fourth Month. Is it a boy or a girl? Just by looking, it might be hard to tell until the fourth month when the baby's sex organs develop. Discover what hormonal changes take place to determine the baby's gender.

Fifth Month. Ultrasound - it's that time. Ever had one? Know of someone who might be having one? For most, ultrasounds are a big blur. But with a little knowledge and some practice, you can become an expert.

Sixth Month. Be careful - the baby is listening. During the sixth month the baby begins to respond to its outside environment. Learn what sounds are natural sedatives and which ones can frighten an unborn baby. You'll also see twins form and learn why some are identical and some are fraternal.

Seventh Month. Your kids will be thoroughly entertained as they meet Emily, a seven-year-old who's about to become a big sister. Kids ages 3 and up will learn where babies come from, how high they are, and what makes it a girl or a boy. Includes educational activities along the way to make learning fun.

Eighth Month. Now the baby is preparing for the journey to the outside world. Luckily, the baby's skull is still soft allowing it to easily move through the birth canal. Learn more about the importance of "soft spots" and why they are critical during pregnancy.

Ninth Month. A miracle is born. And you can see the final stages in great detail. Experience the wonder of childbirth as you take a seat next to Adam and Eve on their journey to the hospital and the delivery room.


Macintosh: 68030/25 MHz processor or higher, or Power Macintosh in native mode, System 7.1, 8MB RAM, 6 MB hard disk space, 13-inch (640x480) or larger monitor, 256 colors, double speed CD-ROM drive.


Electronic Entertainment, July 1995

"For first-time parents, having a baby can be both awe-inspiring and terrifying. If you already have little ones, explaining conception and birth poses a serious challenge. Either way, A.D.A.M. Software's The Nine Month Miracle can help.

"The interactive title features video, dramatic photography by Lennart Nilsson (whose images of fetuses appeared in A Child is Born), and anatomical displays of both the male and female body. It addresses adult questions about nutrition, emotional changes, risks, and other concerns with a humorous, chatty, yet thorough approach.

"Children can answer their own questions in an interactive area called 'Emily's New Sister.' Stories and games for kids ages 3 to 9 explain what's happening inside Mom as a new sibling develops.

"Parents can set the program to conform to their own sensibilities - covering sensitive areas with fig leaves and omitting the explanation of conception."

New Castle, PA News, October 22, 1996

"Adam and Eve return in Nine Month Miracle as a modern couple having a baby. Animation and fascinating in-body photographs of the stages of pregnancy explain the whole thing from zygote to the delivery room. You can meet Dr. Richards, the couples' obstetrician, who answers questions right inside Eve's virtual uterus. And you get to know other real life couples and experience their trials and tribulations of pregnancy. There's also an excellent chapter for the brothers and sisters to be that addresses issues of jealousy, guilt and curiosity."

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