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ZOOM 3-D Dinosaur Adventure
Anniversary Edition

Sold Out (Win95/98/3.1/Mac) (Retail) (3DDINOAEDR)

Knowledge Adventure


Ages: 5 to 10


Top 100 CD-ROMs from PC Magazine 1994

The Best Way To Learn About Dinosaurs!

This award-winning, best-selling program gives you a prehistoric lifetime of amazing 3-D action. Beginning in a virtual reality theme park, kids set out on an action-packed journey of dinosaur discovery. 3-D Dinosaur Adventure includes a Dinosaur Art Museum and an actual authentic fossil from the age of the dinosaurs! With enthralling games, fun activities and comprehensive reference tools, this is a learning experience kids will never forget.

Kids Learn:

  • Natural History
  • Biology
  • Creativity
  • Geology
  • Ecology
  • Astronomy
  • Paleontology


  • Fact-packed Dinosaur Encyclopedia
  • 10 dynamic activities
  • 15 in-your-face movies
  • More than 300 high-impact images
  • 150 dinosaurs and reptiles
  • Talking storybook that builds reading skills

Your Key to Prehistoric Exploration

It's the world's first and only dinosaur theme park, and you've been given the master key. As you experience each nailbiting adventure, you'll learn valuable and exciting facts about these amazing creatures. You'll cringe as 3-D images bring these great dinosaurs to life right before your eyes. You'll get "up close and personal" with every dangerous dinosaur that lives inside these gates - if you dare! It's an adventure back in time you won't soon forget.

How well do you know your prehistoric reptiles? Test your knowledge of dinosaurs by matching the name with the picture.

Save the Dinosaurs
Join forces with a time-traveling scientist. Race against the clock to save the dinosaurs from a giant comet in a prehistoric 3-D time tunnel. Hurry, the comet is coming quickly!

Watch Bone-Chilling Movies
You'll be on the edge of your seat viewing 25 full-color, action-packed videos with digital sound. 3-D special effects put you right in the middle of the action.

Go On a Photo Safari
A bunch of prehistoric reptiles are missing, and we need your help to find them. Listen to a description, then examine photos to find a match. It'll be a big test of your knowledge. Are you up for it?

Visit the 3-D Dinosaur Museum
Get as close as you want to every dinosaur on display. Don't miss the Dinosaur Gallery, Tyrannosaurus Room, and the Pteranadon Room. Then visit the 3-D Movie Theater for an eye-popping film of dinosaurs in action.

What did the dinosaurs really look like? Here's your chance to go wild creating your own 3-D designs. You select the skin, then watch, as your creations come to life.

Make a Match
Can you identify an entire prehistoric reptile by looking at just one small part? You'll need to use all of your "parts smarts" to complete this fast-paced game.

A Work of Art
Visit the Art-a-Saurus area to crate your own prehistoric paintings to hang in the museum's art gallery. Use all the latest drawing tools, animated stickers, even glowing paint.

3-D glasses included


Windows 95/Windows 3.1 or 3.11: 486DX33 PC or higher, double-speed CD-ROM drive, 8MB RAM, 5 MB available on hard drive, SVGA 256-color graphics adapter, MPC-compatible sound card, mouse.

Macintosh: 68040 or Power PC processor, double-speed CD-ROM drive, 8MB RAM, 4MB available on hard drive, 256-color graphics capability, 13" or larger color monitor, Macintosh system software version 7.1 or higher.


PC Magazine, September 13, 1994

"Another dino disk - but with a 3-D twist. Don your cardboard glasses and you'll feel as though you're a tyrannosaurus tidbit. The multimedia special effects are sparkling but sparingly used. The Dino Encyclopedia is a good reference tool, and the theme-park atmosphere is easy to settle into. Kids aged 3 and up will love the 3-D Museum, where they can roam among the Deinonychus and Apatosaurus, and the Create-A-Saurus module, which lets them create wild new creatures."

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