1st Grade Success Starter

1st Grade Success Starter - Broderbund - Retail - Win95/Win3.1/Mac - Sold Out

See The Treehouse and James Discovers Math



Ages: 5 to 7

Builds Reading, Math and Science Skills

Welcome to 1st Grade Success Starter where learning is fun to achieve. 1st Grade Success Starter introduces children to over 20 essential reading, math, science and creativity skills they'll need to excel in school. Bursting with fun-filled adventures, games, projects, experiments and more, these activities developed with teachers provide a critical learning foundation. And as their skill levels grow, children will be fully prepared to meet the academic challenges in future grades.


Rearrange fun words and phrases in logical order. Then hear your funny sentence read and watch it performed on stage.


Count and sort, add and subtract. Math makes perfect sense when you're talking cupcakes, frogs and fruit.

Counting Money

The pirates' treasure is up for grabs. Use strategy, practice adding and learn coin value while you play.

Nature Studies

Discover amazing facts about animals, their classification and their habitats. Create natural scenes and watch them come to life.

Telling Time

Try your time-telling talents on a variety of clicks. Click on the clock doors for some cuckoo surprises.


A medley of musical experiences, from sing-alongs to a fully interative music studio will charm novices and budding composers alike.

Logical Thinking

How much do you know about animals and insects? Test your knowledge and win prizes in this informative game show.

Geometric Patterns

Color a rel magic carpet in shapes and hues of your own choosing. Try octagons. They're gr-eight!

Laboratory Science

Discover how to make things froth, amplify and bubble using household items. DO try these experiments at home.

Boost Your Child's Reading, Math, Science and Creativity Skills

Imagine a world where learning comes easily, and reading and math are as entertaining as TV! That's 1st Grade Success Starter, jam packed with fun-filled activities that help children explore and enjoy the basics of reading, math, science and music. These award winning programs developed with teachers, provide the critical educational foundation to help children build the competence an self-confidence they need to succeed.

Special Features:

Multiple levels for continued play

Free play activities

Printing capability

2 CDs based on the award winning programs The Treehouse and James Discovers Math. Disc 1 - Sentence Structure, Science and Music. Disc 2 - Reading and Math.

Requirements: Windows - Windows 3.1 or Windows 95; 33MHz 486 or faster required; 8MB RAM; Requires 10MB hard disk space; 2X CD-ROM drive or faster required; SVGA monitor/display card 640x480, 256 colors; Windows compatible sound device; Printer support: works with most popular printers (monochrome and color) supported by Windows.

Requirements: Macintosh - Macintosh and Power Macintosh native; System 7.0.1 or higher; 25MHz 68030 processor or faster/Power Macintosh; 8MB RAM/5MB free; Requires 3MB hard disk space; 2x CD-ROM drive or faster required; Monitor: 13-inch or larger color; 256 colors; Printer support: works with most popular Macintosh compatible printers (monochrome and color).

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