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Publisher Info: Voyetra Technologies

5 Odell Plaza, Yonkers, NY 10701-1406 USA

(914) 966-0600, FAX (914) 966-1102, BBS (914) 966-1216

Web Site:

Company Profile

Voyetra has been in the forefront of music technology since 1975. In these two decades, thousands of creative individuals worldwide have relied on Voyetra products to produce hit songs, movie scores, TV commercials and countless other entertainment productions.

Voyetra helped pioneer today's music synthesizer industry and was a leading manufacturer of professional music synthesizers for more than a decade. The revolutionary Voyetra Eight synthesizer - for which Voyetra was awarded a design patent - was one of the first instruments to include a MIDI interface. It also pioneered many design features common to today's MIDI instruments.

Voyetra played a leading role in the evolution of computer music and helped establish the music software business and Sequencer Plus - the world's first professional PC MIDI editing program. With more than a million copies shipped worldwide, Sequencer Plus is one of the most popular DOS music program of all time.

Carrying on this tradition of innovation, Voyetra's current flagship program, AudioStation, has become the standard interface for so many of the world's leading sound cards that it has surpassed even the phenomenal success of Sequencer Plus.

In addition to offering a full line of multimedia sound products, Voyetra works "behind the scenes" to provide audio utilities, hardware drivers, consulting and engineering services to a "who's who" of the multimedia industry. All of these successes reflect Voyetra's commitment to quality and innovation and have earned the company a worldwide reputation as the "multimedia sound specialists."

Voyetra products carried:

Music Fun & Learning:

Electronic Keyboards - Learn to play keyboards while exploring electronic music
Music Conservatory - Music history, theory, instruments and composers
Music Games - Exciting Arcade-Style Games
Multimedia History of Music - Explore the lives and works of great composers
Multimedia History of Music Keyboards and Introduction to MIDI
Multimedia Music Theory - Understand and appreciate the fundamentals of music
Multimedia Musical Instruments - An Introduction to the Orchestra
Teach Me Guitar - Learn chords, songs and concepts
Teach Me Piano - Interactive multimedia piano teaching system

Recording & Composing:

Digital Sound Gallery, Vol. 1 - Multimedia Music & Sound Effects Library
Digital Sound Gallery, Vol. 2 - Composer's toolkit for Digital Orchestrator Plus
Hip Hop eJay - Mix your own music tracks
Jammin' Keys - Create your own songs - regardless of your musical skills
MIDI Music Gallery - MIDI music collection for multimedia PCs
Music Write - Write and print music on your PC
Music Write Plus - Compose, play and print on your PC
Recording Station - Record professional-sounding songs on your PC

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