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Publisher Info: Sumeria

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Wild Africa: Ngorongoro, Serengeti, and Tarangire Ocean Life 5: Caribbean Space: A Visual History Ocean Life 4: The Great Barrier Reef Exploring the Lost Maya Wild Africa: Okavango, Chobe and Makgadikgadi Ocean Life 3: Hawaiian Islands Ocean Life 2: Micronesia Ocean Life 1: Western Pacific Exploring Ancient Cities Ocean Life 6: Eastern Pacific

The following excerpt is from the San Francisco Examiner, Sunday March 22, 1998, written by Andrew Zajac:

"Since January 1993, Sumeria has rolled out 11 titles: six for a series on underwater ocean life, two on African wildlife, and three on space travel and ancient civilizations.

"Borrell named his company for Sumer, a region at the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in modern-day Iraq. Sumer's vibrant culture pioneered advances in math, astronomy and written language.

"Sumeria the company represents the confluence of Borrell's personal passions: He has degrees in marine biology and information science, has been a scuba diver for 30 years and spent two years teaching local history and geography in West Africa.

"The company's CDs feature lush video, nearly all of it shot by Borrell himself in a variety of exotic locations including national parks in Botswana and Zimbabwe; Mayan ruins in southern Mexico, Belize, Guatamala and Honduras; as well as underwater footage from a variety of breathaking reefs in oceans around the globe.

"'He's basically dedicated his life to videoing every beautiful spot in the world and putting it on CD,' said Gillian Newson, senior editor of New Media magazine, a San Mateo-based journal that covers multimedia. Sumeria CDs 'are very much like coffee table books. Very relaxing, as well as educational.'"

"Borrell's approach includes an emphasis on scientific accuracy through collaborations with leading scholars.

"For the Africa titles, for instance, he paired up with Harvard entomologist Richard Estes, while the CD on the Maya featured an association with Robert Sharer of the University of Pennsylavania, an expert on Copan ruins in Hondruas.

"Sumeria and Borrell are admired within the multimedia industry both for the quality of their work and for their ability to survive against better-heeled competitors..."

Company Profile

Sumeria, Inc., was founded in August of 1992 by Jerry Borrell, President of the company since its inception. The company was established as an independent publisher of books and magazines on CD-ROM for personal computers. Sumeria is the largest publisher of multimedia titles in San Francisco, and was one of the first to produce hybrid CD-ROMs, compatible with both Macintosh and IBM-compatible computers.

Sumeria has won many awards for its ever-growing line of CD-ROM titles, which are consistently listed in reviews and articles as among the best produced in the marketplace.

Sumeria was the first company to produce CD-ROM titles about marine life and ocean environments. Subject areas of other Sumeria titles include culture and anthropology, wildlife and ecology, and the history of space exploration.

Today, the appeal of Sumeria multimedia CD-ROMs continues to spread internationally, and across language barriers.

Message from the President

"We founded Sumeria as a publishing house that would use new media tools to produce electronic books. We chose the name of the ancient Sumer culture because of its great influence on the written language of Western civilization.
Today Sumeria continues as an independent publisher - where award-winning writers, editors, designers, and filmmakers strive to create the very best, the most interesting products."

- Jerry Borrell, President

Company Particulars


100 Eucalyptus Drive, San Francisco, CA 94132 USA

(415) 586-3820, FAX (415) 586-3941


Web Site:

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