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Publisher Info: Edmark

An IBM Company

6727 185th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98073

(800) 691-2985, (206) 556-8400, FAX (206) 556-8998

Web Site:

Edmark Titles:

It's Not Just What You Know, It's How You Think!
Strong thinking skills are essential for success in math, reading, science and other subject areas. These broader, higher-level skills can be taught and actively exercised - helping children build the probelm-solving abilities they will need to meet the challenges of the future with perserverance, creativity and confidence.

Thinkin Things Collection 1
Thinkin Things Collection 2
Thinkin Things Collection 3
Thinkin' Things: All Around FrippleTown
Thinkin' Things: Galactic Brain Benders
Thinkin' Things: Toony the Loon's Lagoon
Thinkin' Science
Sky Island Mysteries

Bailey's Book House
Millie's Math House
Sammy's Science House
Trudy's Time and Place House
Stanley's Sticker Stories

Strategy Challenges Collection 1
Strategy Challenges Collection 2

Mighty Math Series

Whether your child is struggling with math or is a math superstar looking for greater challenges, Mighty Math will lead your child to math success by teaching math basics - and much more! Your child will understand the concept behind the facts and master the thinking skills necessary for successful problem solving. Because kids learn best when they're having fun, each of the six Mighty Math programs dazzles and entertains while it teaches. Give your kids what they need to succeed in kindergarten through 9th grade math - the Mighty Math Series from Edmark. See the chart below to select the appropriate product for your child.

Kindergarten to 2nd Grade - Ages 5 to 8

Carnival Countdown

  • Problem Solving & Logic
  • Place Value (1's, 10's, adn 100's)
  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Sorting & Classification
  • Early Multiplication & Division
  • Equivalencies (<,> and=)

Zoo Zillions

  • Sold Out

3rd to 6th Grade - Ages 8 to 12

Number Heroes

  • Problem Solving, Patterns & Logic
  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Multipliecation & Division
  • Fractions (Add, Subtract & Multiply)
  • Geometry (Angles, Perimeter, area)
  • Probability, Graphs & Charts

Calculating Crew

  • problem Solving & Reasoning
  • Money Transactions
  • Esitmation & Rounding
  • 1- to 4-Digit Addition & Subtraction
  • 1- to 3-Digit Multiplication & Division
  • 3D Geometry (Solits & Nets)

7th to 9th Grade - Ages 12 to 14

Cosmic Geometry

Builds a Foundation for Geometry

  • Attributes of Shapes & Solids
  • Constructions & Transformations
  • 2D & 3D Coordinates
  • Length, Perimeter & Area
  • Surface Area & Volume

Astro Algebra

Builds a Foundation for Algebra

  • Variables
  • Expressions, Equations & Inequalities
  • Functions & Graphing
  • Ratios & Proportions
  • Fractions, decimals & Percents

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