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ZOOM Zoo Tycoon
$19.95 (Win95/98/Me/2000/XP) (Retail Box) (ZOOTYCPR)

Publisher: Blue Fang Software / Microsoft

Mild Violence


from Computing with Kids

The lions are on the loose!   Animals are happiest in a familiar habitat.   Aviary, Reptile House and...   Don't put predator and prey together.   Guests enjoy a beautiful lake.

A Wild Way to Make a Living!

This place is a real zoo and you're in charge! Go wild building the most fun and beautiful zoo you can imagine. You'll be challenged to design, build and manage a vibrant zoo where your animals and guests are happy. You have more than 40 different animals to choose from including chimpanzees, camels and tigers.

Hire zoo keepers who will gladly feed the animals and clean their exhibits. That will free you up to look after your guests -- and profits. The possibilities for your zoo are endless -- you have more than 175 exhibit and zoo building materials to choose from so the only limit is your imagination. Manage things right to keep everyone happy and you'll be a Zoo Tycoon!

With Zoo Tycoon's intuitive design and interactive tutorials, it's easy to get started - you'll find yourself in the fun in no time. You will find success in Zoo Tycoon when you design exhibits that keep the animals and guests happy. A well-cared-for animal is more likely to frolic and generally seems happier to guests -- and guests will stay longer in your zoo if they see playful animals in attractive exhibits.

Design, Build & Manage your Zoo
Zoo Tycoon provides an unmatched tycoon experience. Design, build and manage your ultimate zoo. But, build and manage carefully - you are responsible for your animals and guests happiness. You'll experience all new challenges as animals have unique ways of reacting to their surroundings and expressing their content…and their discontent.

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, and more...
Choose from over 40 unique animals including Elephants, Cheetahs, Penguins and Camels. Complete research and conservation activities and you'll be rewarded with new animals.

Uncage Your Imagination
With over 175 different types of exhibit and building materials, Zoo Tycoon delivers all the content and fun needed to build, manage and maintain your ultimate zoo. Habitats can be exported and shared with other Zoo Tycoon players too.

Read, Set, Go! Zoo
Tycoon's intuitive design and interactive tutorials put you in the fun in no time.

Two Ways to Play
Zoo Tycoon provides something for everyone - jump right in and start building your zoo or for a more serious challenge, try one of the thirteen different scenarios that start out easy and becoming increasingly more difficult.

More Fun Than a Barrel of Money
Create the ultimate Zoo and reap big profits if you manage it well. Remember: if customers aren't happy, they won't come back!

All the Creature Comforts of Home
Anticipate your animals' every need such as food, water and shelter! Plan wisely! If animals don't like their food, environment or handling, they interact poorly with visitors and fewer guests mean fewer dollars!

Realistic Zoo Action
Animals roam, rest and play while visitors explore the grounds, snap pictures, buy snacks and browse the gift shop. Select the right materials, build the correct fences and keep your animals happy…you never know what unhappy animals might do…

Life-like Animal Behavior
Who's prey and who's predator? Learn about animal behaviors before you build your exhibits. Putting predator and prey together is a costly endeavor and won't make your animals happy...


Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP: Multimedia PC with a 233 MHz processor (300 MHz recommended), DirectX 8.0a, 32 MB RAM for Win 95, 98 or ME, 64 MB RAM for Win 2000 and 128 MB RAM for Win XP, 250 MB free hard drive space (600 MB recommended), 4x or higher CD-ROM drive, 4 MB graphics card, 16 bit color capable, (16 MB recommended), SVGA video with 800x600 resolution, mouse, speakers.


Computing with Kids by Jinny Gudmundsen

"As with all simulations, there is a steep learning curve before players can jump in and start building. But with this simulation, the learning curve is terraced by three excellent hands-on tutorials. After learning the basics of zoo design, players can try their hand at scenario-based or free-form play."

"Building an animal enclosure is a fun study in animal habitats. The program provides loads of information about each animal’s likes and dislikes. Habitat designers start with fencing and move onto terrains, foliage, shelters, and even toys—the key is finding just the right mix."

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