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Ultimate Wargame Collection
Volume II: WWII
Sold Out (Win95/DOS) (Retail) (WWIICOL2PR)

Publisher: SSI


ESRB Rating: Animated blood and violence

Four Explosive World War II Epics In One Box

Luftwaffe Commander

The Definitive WWII Air Combat Experience!

Return to a time when the deadly Me-109 ruled the sky. Luftwaffe Commander features 10 flyable aircraft, including the mighty Me-109 and the world's first operational jet fighter, the Me-262. Terrorize Allied forces in 5 combat areas - with over 500,000 square miles of terrain. Choose from 2 flight modes: Iron Cross challenges less experienced pilots while Knight's Cross provides a WWII air combat simulation of uncompromising accuracy.


  • 10 different flyable aircraft with detailed interiors and instrument panels.
  • 2 flight modes, each with its own aerodynamic model and mapping functions.
  • 50 single player missions.
  • Over 50 3-D aircraft exterior models with historical markings, paint schemes and flight characteristics.
  • 5 different campaign fronts with over 500,000 square miles of terrain - including Spain, France, Great Britain, Russia and Germany.

Fighting Steel

Return to the Days of the Big Guns

Combining the depth of a detailed simulation and the tactical challenges of the finest wargame, Fighting Steel re-creates the most spectacular naval gunnery battles of WWII from 1939-1942. Command ships from the British, German, American and Japanese fleets - everything from a single ship to a task Force consisting of several divisions - in real-time action

Game Highlights:

  • 3-D rendered ships that move and fight in a true 3-D world
  • Control multi-ship divisions and/or individual ships in real-time action
  • Realistic 3-D depiction of battle damage sustained by ships
  • Over 90 ship classes from the British, German, American and Japanese navies of 1939-1942
  • Over 10 historical scenarios from the Atlantic and the Pacific - including long-range day time slugfests and close-in nighttime melees.
  • Includes 4 linked-scenario campaigns (one for each navy) derived from Britain vs. Germany in the Atlantic and U.S. vs. Japan around Guadalcanal.
  • Set up an unlimited number of computer-generated encounters or use the scenario editor to create custom scenarios
  • Play against the computer or engage in multiplayer games over the internet

Silent Hunter Commander's Edition

The Definitive Submarine Combat Experience!

Command a WWII US submarine in the Pacific - and sink as much enemy tonnage as possible! Choose from a variety of American submarines - and let the hunt begin! Play historical missions, hypothetical encounters or a career based campaign game. Authentic WWII film footage, cinematics and narration provide a historically accurate feel for submarine combat.


  • Authentic WWII American sub classes include Gato, Balao, Tambour and Salmon.
  • Features detailed re-creations of over 40 merchant and capital ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy.
  • Highly accurate coastline models for 15 patrol zones - from the Solomons to the Sea of Japan. Coastal cities, ports and harbors have been reconstructed from period maps.
  • Weapons have been accurately modeled, and the Torpedo Data Computer (TDC) is the most accurate representation to date.

Panzer Commander

This WWII Tank Simulator Has It All

Now, Panzer Commander, the most comprehensive World War II tank simulator ever, lets your test your skill with over 24 driveable tank types from 4 countries.


  • Choose Your Position: Commander, driver, main or machine gunner. Your intelligent crew follows your commands - and crew performance improves with every successful scenario!
  • Virtually Limitless Gameplay: Fight 3 German and 3 Russian campaigns, with 20+ scenarios per campaign. Stand-alone scenarios include 10 each for US, British, German and Russian forces. You also get 12 scenarios designed specifically for multiplay.
  • Powerful Scenario Editor: allows you to adjust over 150 variables to create your own custom scenarios - no two battle need ever be the same.
  • Multiplayer Support for up to 6 players.

Fighting Steel, Panzer Commander, & Luftwaffe Commander

Requirements: Windows 95, hard drive, 4x CD-ROM drive, mouse and joystick, Pentium 200, 64 MB RAM, DirectX compliant 3D accelerator card with 4MB RAM, Direct X compliant sound card, 28.8 Kbps modem required for Internet play.

Silent Hunter VESA Driver, DOS 5.0 or higher.

Copyright © 1993-2000, Inc.