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ZOOM World War I
$9.95 (Win95/98 Only) (Retail) (WWIPR)
$4.95 (Win95/98 Only) (Jewel Case) (WWIPJ)


Reference/World History


4 stars from CD-ROM Today

"The War To End All Wars"

Europe before World War I was a continent in transition, with established empires struggling to maintain their authority against ambitious new powers. It was these political, military and historical tensions that set the stage for the tragedy that was to follow. When the nations of Europe finally went to war in 1914, most expected the conflict to be short, sharp and "over by Christmas." Four years later, the war had involved nations from every continent, had killed and wounded more than 28 million people, and had changed the balance of world power beyond all recognition.

FlagTower's World War I tells the full story of this war, and its shattering effects on people and society. The main storylines are:

Battle and conflict

Soldiers' life

The home fronts

Technology and tactics

There are also a series of penetrating interviews with renowned historians from the United States, Britain, Germany, France and Russia. Each gives an individual insight on the war and recounts the experiences of their own nation. This story is told using over 2 hours of commentary, twenty five minutes of film footage, over 750 photographs and 60 battle maps.

A Wealth of Authentic Sights and Sounds

Get ready for a remarkable "televisual" journey through World War I. An interactive experience filled with the most powerful sights and sounds you can imagine. Learn about the assassination that was a catalyst to world war. Hear the reflections of renowned historians, and the horrifying eyewitness accounts of WWI veterans. Witness poison gas, machine guns, airplanes, armored vehicles and horse-drawn artillery share the battlefield for the first time in history.

You can experience all this, and more. We've searched the world's great archives to assemble the richest collection of authentic film clips, newspaper headlines, interviews and eyewitness accounts you can imagine. Immediately, you'll be caught up in these powerful sights and sounds, and in the unique, interactive, documentary style in which they are presented. Highly informative and brilliant narratives, spoken by world renowned actor Stephen Rea, underscore the drama of the events.

The intuitive, easy-to-use interface puts every aspect of the war right in front of you. Immerse yourself in a riveting, chronological account of the war's major events. Hear about the terrors of trench warfare, from those who were there. Pause to study a battlefield map. You can even print in color, the map, or other text and images, from the supplemental screens, for leisurely study, or school reports.

Requirements: Minimum - A multimedia PC with a 486SC 33 MHz processor with dual speed CD-ROM drive and 8 MB of memory. Recommended - A multimedia PC with a 486DX 50MHz (or higher) processor, dual speed CD-ROM drive and 8MB of memory. 4MB of available hard disk space, 256 color display, Microsoft Windows 95 or 98, mouse required, headphones or speakers.

Does not work on Windows XP.


CD-ROM Today, February 1996

"A good documentary can be a powerful tool for teaching history. A parade of images supported by eyewitness testimony and compelling narration impart a sense of immediacy to events otherwise beyond our experience. In these three discs FlagTower Multimedia has succeeded in combining the drama of a documentary with the interactive nature of CD-ROM."

"One of World War I's strongest features is a set of five mini documentaries that focuses on the perspectives of the principal countries - England, France, Germany, Russia, and the United States - involved in the conflict. Each of these is narrated by a national from the subject country."

"Each of these titles is handsome, authoritative, and compelling. They are not, however, encyclopedias. Their content is strictly audio/visual; there's no text copy of the narration, for example, so it can't be printed or pasted into a word processing document. This limits the programs' usefulness as a research tool or a homework aid."

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