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ZOOM World Wildlife Fund Calendar
$17.95 (Win 95/Win3.1) (Retail) (WWFCALENPR)

Cedco Publishing Company


Enjoy Spectacular Images

With Cedco's World Wildlife Fund Calendar on CD-ROM you have a screensaver, a perpetual calendar, and a jigsaw puzzle game right on your computer, accompanied by over 50 striking photos of wildlife from around the globe by award-winning photographer, Art Wolfe, Daily tasks, addresses, weekly meetings, even birthdays and special occasions are all at your fingertips. Your calendar will begin from the date you install it and continue far into the 21st Century.

To Do List: A daily To Do List helps you prioritize and organize. You define the order of priority and with a simple click, you can check-off the items you've accomplished.

Calendar: View your calendar in daily, weekly or monthly format. Each format includes all you important dates and information. Click on any day for immediate access to that day's special notes.

Jigsaw Puzzle Game: Select any image and watch it break apart into a jigsaw puzzle for you to reassemble right on screen. Level of difficulty is determined by the number of pieces you select.

Screen Saver: Prevents screen phosphor burn-in by presenting a screen-saving slide show of images when your computer has been inactive for a selected amount of time.

An Address Book: quickly finds addresses and phone numbers. Easy entry and sorting allows you to find entries by first name, last name or organization.

Fascinating Facts: about the animals and their habitats accompany the photos, as well as information about WWF's conservation programs.

Your Purchase Counts: A royalty of between 4% - 6% of the estimated retail price is received by WWF on all sales of this merchandise.


Windows: IBM PC or compatible and Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later, Compatible with Wind 95; CD-ROM drive, 4 MB RAM for program with minimum 4 MB free hard disk space, 256 colors or greater, mouse compatible with Microsoft Windows.

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