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ZOOM World War II Suite
$19.95 (Win95/98) (Retail) (WW2SUITEPR)

Publisher: Discovery Channel


Travel the Perilous Road to Allied Victory

Strap yourself in for a bolt-rattling journey through the most pivotal and fascinating periods of the war that shaped the 20th century: World War II. From Discovery channel's most popular television series come these interactive journeys through history, including hours of exploration of pivotal battles, war machines, geographical locations and historical figures.

Wings: London Blitz to Pearl Harbor

  • Experience allied and enemy air combat tactics via state-of-the-art animation and three adrenaline-fueled flight simulator missions
  • Get into the cockpits of RAF Spitfires, Japanese Kates, American P-40s and more
  • Conduct your own 360-degree inspections of strategic airfields in Europe, Asia and the Pacific
  • Zoom and pan your way through control towers and pilot-ready rooms
  • Examine classic American, German, British, Japanese and Russian planes from every angle

Normandy: The Great Crusade

  • Embark on the greatest military invasion in human history
  • Start on the stormy beaches of Normandy and journey to the streets of liberated Paris
  • Study diaries, letters and radio broadcasts to get personal and public perspectives
  • View dozens of heart-stopping photographs featuring moments of agony and glory
  • Consult maps, including an animated "Big Picture' of the invasion

Wings: Midway to Hiroshima

  • Let virtual reality airfields and stunning animations of combat techniques take you to the front lines of the Pacific, European, North African and Russian Theaters of War
  • Plot the course of the crucial final air battles of WWII
  • Search the comprehensive database by aircraft, class, country, operation and manufacturer
  • Lead a bombing run aboard a B-17 Flying Fortress
  • Pilot a U.S. Navy Hellcat and destroy a Japanese Okha

Your Front Row Ticket to the Many Theaters of WWII

Take an unforgettable voyage into the glory and agony, the battles and the broadcasts, of this century's most important war. From Midway to Pearl Harbor, the beaches of Normandy to the streets of Paris, there's no more compelling way to hear the story and learn the lessons of World War II.

All three programs feature state-of-the-art guides and tools, such as:

  • Virtual reality computer rendered airfields
  • 3-D models of classic military aircraft
  • Interactive weapons diagrams
  • Comprehensive multimedia databases of technical and service data on hundreds of aircraft

Experience and explore:

  • On-the spot photographs and radio broadcasts
  • Multimedia war reports and hours of archival footage of critical moments in history
  • Thousands of historical facts and technical explanations

Feel the heat of battle:
The men and women who lived through it - German, British, French, Canadian, and American - will never forget the Battle of Normandy. And the people of Europe, Russia, America and Japan can still see the results of the awesome forces of the battles in the Pacific, European and Russian Theaters of War. You can be there as history unfolds.

See the air raids, hear the broadcasts, fly the planes:
All the details are here, along with technologically advanced program features. Dive into the ultimate encyclopedia of military aircraft and aviation, zooming in from every angle and studying instrument panels. Study animated maps to see the stories unfold, chapter-by-chapter, battle-by-battle.

The World Stage Is Set...

Soar through the Flak-Filled Skies
One minute you're examining the machine guns of a Curtiss P-40 Tomahawk, the next you're at the controls of an RAF Hurricane battling Luftwaffe Messerschmitts over the River Thames. With Wings: London Blitz to Pearl Harbor you can inspect more than 720 planes from 26 nations, and analyze strategic war reports via interactive 3-D graphics, realistic sound effects, archival photos, historic film footage, voice-over narration and more.

Watch, Stop, Discover:
Imagine watching a documentary, stopping it at any point and finding out more about the segment you're viewing. That's how Normandy is designed. You can watch over 40 minutes of compelling video, zooming to full-screen viewing with just one click. Listen to actual radio broadcasts that chronicle the Allied advance to get the perspective from the American homefront.

Explore Interactive 3-D graphics:
Wing your way through the crucial, final years of World War II. Virtual reality airfields and stunning animations of combat techniques take you to the front lines. From the tide-turning Battle of Midway to the fireball at Hiroshima, explore super-realistic models of the aircraft that played a crucial role in the allied victory. Then slide behind the controls and take off with three flight simulators.


Windows 3.1/95/98: 33 MHz 486DX or better, minimum 8MB RAM, double speed MPC compatible CD-ROM drive, SVGA monitor/display at 256 colors, Sound Blaster compatible audio board, mouse.

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