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ZOOM Worms
World Party
$19.95 (Win 95/98/Me/2000/XP) (DVD Case) (WORMSWPPR)

Publisher: Team 17




8/10 from Eurogamer


Everyone's Invited!

It's a Quarterpounder of a game with some meaty multiplayer action, a healthy salad of single player and a flap of amusing cheese topped up with a generous amount of strategy ketchup.

Worms World Party is our latest turn based gift in which Worms battle across zany landscapes either custom or randomly generated. With Worms already having a reputation for being a party animal, there is just no reason not to come.

You can also do battle online so if you can't make it to the party you can always join the fun via the Worms network. There's just no need to be on your own tonight, you can even chill out after a game and chat in one of the lobbies.

Our DJ informs us his record box is just bursting with single player missions and there are dozens of custom landscapes that can be requested and played at anytime.

If you're new to the party scene don't worry, our friendly training section will soon have you dancing with the rest of us. There's even a weapons library available if you don't know the steps.

So ladies and gentlemen, let's gather round and toast our glasses to a Worms World Party!


Show your invite to the doorman to gain access to fantastic new game play modes including Wormpot which allows access to over 1000 different game styles. All modes are available offline, online or a mixture of both!

Mingle with over 20 multiplayer missions: players can now team up with a buddy to tackle co-operative missions where working together is the only way to win. Alternatively check out the competitive missions and fight in specially prepared scenarios, which are unlike any match you've ever played before.

Single player and multiplayer, 2-6 players either around one PC or online.

It's a veritable feast with 60 weapons, ranging from the relatively calorie-free bazooka to the full-fat concrete donkey. Oh Man!


Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP: Pentium 100 MHz (150 MHz recommended), 32 MB RAM, 2x CD-ROM drive (4x CD-ROM drive recommended), SVGA, 2 MB Video RAM, 16bit , 1 CD per machine in multiplayer mode.


Eurogamer by Tom "Mugwum" Bramwell

"World Party does the sensible thing you see - it makes additions but it doesn't change anything. This could be viewed as lazy, but the additions are 20 much-needed advanced training missions, a full 40 single layer missions using exotic backgrounds including tributes to some big games of the past amongst them..."

"I'm really fond of Worms World Party. It's a top quality game, and the jewel in the crown on the Worms series..."

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