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ZOOM Worms Armageddon Collection
Sold Out (Win95/98/ME/XP) (Retail) (WORMSCOLPR)

Team 17 / Hasbro Interactive


Great Games - Great Screensaver

The Worms Armageddon Collection features the very best in things pink and wriggly. Those sneaky Worms strike back with the all-new Armageddon. This is the final countdown. Blow up your friends with the most devious weapons ever, including chemical bomb, earthquake, suicide bomb and French sheep strike. And, when you're tired of the blast-fest why not try the amazing Worms Pinball table and strike those silver balls in globular mayhem - it's the greatest fun you can ever have with a pair of flippers. And finally, when you want something to cheer you up and annoy your colleagues when they're trying to work, you've got the Worms Armageddon Screensaver. The Worms Armageddon Collection - massive 'killer' fun in one pack.

Worms Armageddon
The End As We Know It

Now, open a can of worms! It's the biggest. It's the best. And it's packed full of goodies (and baddies). Whether it's Single Player, Multiplayer or slithering across the Internet, Worms Armageddon includes a multitude of features and play modes. This is the peak of perfection in ultra-fun. The best worms game ever.

Deploy over 60 different weapons and tools including Indian Nuclear Test, Longbow, Chemical Bomb, Earthquake, Freeze, Suicide Bomb, French Sheep Strike and Aqua Sheep.

Play with 18 new comedy sound-sets including Whoopsie, Thespian, Rastafarian, Indian and Top-Hole.

Collect new Utility Crates: Super Speed-up, Invisibility, Double Damage, Laser Sight, Landing Zone and Crate Shower.

Get on the re-designed 'Wormnet' for Internet Play, use and 'IRC-style' Chat facility and examine World Ranking Scores.

Play the new Single Player game which features a 30-stage mission game and Single Player Deathmatch Mode.

PLUS five new Training Modes and Mega-fun Multiplayer mode.

Addiction Pinball
Great Balls of Steel

Addiction is the ultimate realization of pinball simulation on the PC, the result of extensive research, understanding and love of pinball. Immerse yourself in a game of skill, dexterity and sharp reflexes. Lose yourself in the excess of dazzling table graphics and scintillating sub-games. Two multi-mission tables give both quick fixes and exhilarating hours of pinball action. Addiction Pinball takes the thrill of the arcades and brings it to your PC.

Experience the most accurate pinball collision dynamics ever devised.

Beat two of the most innovative, multi-layered pinball tables ever devised, based on Team 17's hit games Worms and World Rally Fever.

Take your skills to the limit with Addiction's stunning sub-games, mega-missions and mind-blowing bonus plays, unique to each table.

Test your reflexes in the manic 6 ball 'Multi-ball' mode.

Select from multiple viewing angles.

Enhanced animation, speech effects and music.

Realistic 'Nudge' and 'Tilt' features, just like the real thing.

Armageddon Screensaver
Why Burn Your Screen When Worms Can Burn Each Other?

Armageddon: The last battle between GOOD and EVIL on the day of judgement.

Worms: Sneaky little blighters with a bad attitude who couldn't care less about any day, let alone the last one!

There's just no stopping these Worms. As soon as your back is turned they're at it ... blasting each other to Kindgom come with all manner of foul and bizarre arsenal.

If you're having a bad day, just stop typing and sit back in glee as crazy computer teams blast each other in a variety of deranged and completely bonkers levels.

Look out for all the celebrities of the Worms cult including the Old Woman, The Flying Super Sheep and, of course, the Concrete Donkey.

And while the mad pink armies are at it, rest assured that they're doing your monitor a dose of good .. why burn your screen when worms can burn each other?


Windows 95/98/ME/XP: Pentium 100MHz (P150 recommended), 32Mb System RAM, double speed CD-ROM drive (4x recommended), SVGA, 2Mb video RAM (4Mb recommended), 16-bit soundcard, 1 CD per machine for Multiplayer Mode. Supports Soundblaster (16-bit) and 100% compatibles, Thrustmaster Flippers, Philips Virtual Pinball Peripherals.

Electronic Manual on Disc.

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