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ZOOM World Book
2003 Edition
$9.95 (Win95/98/Me/2000/NT4/XP) (Retail Box) (WORLDBK3PR)

Publisher: TOPICS Entertainment


Trusted by Parents, Teachers and Librarians Since 1917

With over eight decades of experience and a global reputation for unsurpassed excellence, World Book is firmly established as the premier general reference source. Now the world's favorite encyclopedia continues its legacy with World Book 2003 Deluxe Edition. As our world changes, World Book changes with it, while remaining true to its goal of providing students, parents, teachers, and librarians with the most useful, up-to-date information.

Regarded as the #1 most-trusted name in reliability and accuracy, World Book continues to provide comprehensive, factual detail in an easy-to-access format. With more than 85 years of specialized experience in the fields of education and communication, World Book employs the expertise of over 3,700 scholars, authenticators, and reviewers to create its World Book 2003 Deluxe Edition - newest in the tradition of this multi-award-winning family reference source.

World Book 2003

Of all the subjects World Book knows, we understand students best. When research must be done, nothing is more frustrating than searching through useless information. Rather than crowding our encyclopedia with thousands of unnecessary articles, World Book has cut through the clutter to provide more than 22,300 of the most concise, timely, informative pieces any student could need. In addition, understanding the necessity to have current information, we offer free online encyclopedia updates so you will always have the latest resources. Presented in an extremely user-friendly format, World Book 2003 Deluxe supplies the most effective, interactive multimedia materials and tools to access a wealth of knowledge - Guaranteed.

Easy to Use - 22,300 Articles

  • Just double click any word to find the meaning
  • Simply use the topic or word search options to locate your desired information
  • Sticky notes mark the information that you want to find again, and it is easy to highlight the content you want to see

1,400+ Maps

  • Detailed interactive maps, reflecting the highest cartographic standards, broaden your perspective on the world
  • Maps present information such as climate, economy, population distribution, and historical development.

117 Video and 781 Audio Clips

  • Just click on the appropriate buttons for hundreds of exciting videos and sounds that bring your favorite topics to life

129 Breathtaking Panoramas

  • Get 360 degree panoramic views of fascinating places!
  • You'll feel like you're there!

More than 9,600 Illustrations and 42 Animations

  • 3D animations bring topics to life
  • Interactive simulations help you understand how things work

Online Encyclopedia Updates

  • You'll always have access to the latest information
  • Link directly to World Book reviewed Web sites

Fully Interactive Dictionary / More than 1,500 Reading Lists

  • Over 245,000 definitions
  • Search the Dictionary separately, or double click any word in the Encyclopedia to retrieve its definition

More than 13,900 Online Articles from World Book Almanac

More than 30,000 Measurements

  • Measurements in nonmetric and metric units
  • 14 scientific and mathematical simulations

5 Homework Wizards

  • Wizards help to prepare reports, charts, time lines, quizzes and Web pages

A World Book Exclusive: Back in Time

  • With Internet access, travel back through 80 years of World Book articles, reading about events as they were described at the time. For example, study articles on WWII written in 1945.

More than 1,850 Table and 323 Time Lines

  • Enhance reports with charts created from your research information.


Windows95/98/Me/NT/XP: Pentium or higher IBM or 100% compatible PC, 16 MB RAM (32MB recommended), 40MB free HD space 16-bit sound card, 16-bit high color, 2X CD-ROM drive, Mouse, Internet Explorer 4 or higher (to use Surf the Ages), Printer (optional) For Online Access 8MB additional free hard disk space, Modem, Internet Connection * windows 2000 requires 133 MHz or higher Pentium-based or compatible PC and 64 MB RAM. ** Windows XP requires 300MHz or higher Pentium-based or compatible PC and 128 MB RAM. *** Additional free hard disk space may be required to install software that will be loaded by the World Book program if the software is not already loaded on your computer.


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