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ZOOM Gary Grigsby's
World at War
$29.95 (Win2000/XP) (Retail) (WORLDATWPR)

Publisher: Matrix Games


The Fate Of The World Is In Your Hands.

'What is our aim? I can answer in one word. It is Victory. Victory at all costs' - Prime Minister Winston Churchill

Gary Grigsby’s World At War™ brings you to back to the dawn of the greatest and most terrible war the world has ever seen. The forces of the Axis, including Germany, Japan and Italy, face the might of France, Great Britain, the United States and the Soviet Union in the epic struggle of World War II. Starting with the blitzkrieg attack on France, the course of the war is determined by your actions as the leader of one or more major factions, opposed by human or computer players.

As you play Gary Grigsby’s World At War™, the events of the war unfold around you through news reel reports covering both historical and hypothetical events, depending on how the war is going. As the United States, do you focus on Europe first or send more reinforcements to the Pacific, seeking an early defeat for Japan? As Germany, do you invade the Soviet Union in 1941 or prepare your forces to march into London?

In Gary Grigsby’s World At War™, you have complete control over the production, research and military strategy for your side. At your disposal are the full air, land and sea forces of each power, with each unit rated in a variety of researchable areas. Build more tank divisions, improve your fighter planes or focus on strategic bombardment – the choice is yours. More expensive units take longer to build and shortages in industry, resources or manpower can play havoc with your plans.

Take command in this dynamic, turn-based strategy game of World War II that puts you in the role of some of the most legendary leaders of history. Two tutorials and several campaign scenarios let you learn the system quickly and start fighting the whole war or a smaller part of it

Game Features:

Four full-length scenarios (Spring ’40, Summer ’41, Spring ’42, Summer ’43) lasting to the end of the war

Five playable forces (Germany, Japan, the Soviet Union, the Western Allies, and China) and 38 different countries

Over 350 areas on a sprawling world map

Command fifteen different combat units in the air, on the land, and at sea, as well as infrastructure and supply units

Each unit has up to 14 attributes, most of which can be improved through research and development

Rules that cover strategic movement, forts, cold weather zones, airborne attack, amphibious invasions, partisans, militia, and many other features

Fog of War rules that hide enemy units and production

Supply rules that can be set to provide a common pool for all units to draw from, or the creation of field units that must accompany the armies

PBEM playability for two to five players

Challenging AI that offers a unique gaming experience

Ability to automate either or both the Production and Research functions

An in-depth tutorial that smoothly integrates the player with the game


Win2000/XP: Direct X 9c Video: 1024x768 or higher, 32 Video RAM (128 Mb Recommended) CPU: 800 MHz Processor (2 GHz Recommended) Memory: 512 Mb RAM (1 GB Recommended) 8 x CD-ROM 500 MB free Hard Drive Space 16 bit Direct Sound compatible Soundcard


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