Smart Games Word Puzzles

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Ages 14 to adult

Difficulty Level: Intermediate


4 stars from Computer Gaming World

Think You've Played Them All? Think Again!

Smart Games Word Puzzles 1 puts the WOW back in word games. easy to play. Hard to master! Four mind-bending categories, with hundreds of levels of brain-busting fun.

Word Hunter. Smart Games blasts traditional word search into the computer age. These thematically based puzzles are loaded with new twists and surprises. It's a whole new way to play with words.

Crossed Words. The black squares have been removed from a completed crossword puzzle and replaced by random letters. You discover where the squares belong, creating the puzzle as you go.

Word Melt. Can you change MEAT to LOAF by altering just one letter at a time (each time forming a new word)? Can you do it in 6 words? What about 3 words? Word Melt test the range of your word knowledge.

Scanagrams. Unscramble thematically linked words or phrases, then, for big points, figure out the punch line at the bottom. Incredibly clever anagrams cover everything from literature to Hollywood movies to the Royal family.

Ideal for Multi-Player Competition. Here's your total combined score. How does it stack up against your competitors? Just click to find out! Engage in competitions in your home or office. Can't figure it out? Find out the puzzle solutions on the Smart Games World Wide Web page (

Up to 99 Levels. Each Word Puzzle has an incredible number of challenging levels. Each one is a new test for your intellect. If one proves too easy for you, choose a higher level. But be forewarned: things get tough fast.

Practice Makes Perfect. You score points by solving each puzzle game - and you earn bonus points by solving it more efficiently. When you complete a game, a quick click of a button shows you exactly where you stand against the best possible score. Not quite there yet? Think you can do better? Then get back in there and try again.

Requirements: IBM or compatible PC, 386 SX or higher processor, CD-ROM drive, 4MB of available RAM, hard disk with 5MB of free disk space, 640x480 256-color SVGA graphics, Microsoft Windows v3.1 or above, Windows-compatible sound card, mouse.


Computer Gaming World, February 1997

"If you adore word puzzles but find yourself filled with ennui as you glance over the insipid selection provided each day in your local newspaper, perhaps it's time to discard your well-chewed pencil, toss those dreary black-and-white pages aside, and embrace a new form of cerebral exercise.

"Imagine taking four of your favorite word puzzles - the crossword, the word melt, the word search, and the anagram - and throwing them into a mixing bowl. The result? Smart Games Word Puzzles #1: four new games, familiar in appearance, but each with certain surprises. As you play, you may notice elements associated with one particular puzzle arising in another, while some completely new factors appear out of nowhere."

"Word Puzzles certainly doesn't forsake substance for shadow: these are intelligent brain-teasers, set in a user-friendly interface, which focuses more on practicality than on prettiness. That's not to say it doesn't look good, just that unlike some other multimedia products it doesn't rely upon a graphical extravaganza.

"This game has something for everyone. Whether you're a whiz at the New York Times crossword or you have problems completing the puzzles in TV Guide, there's a Word Puzzle level just for you. And it sure beats getting newspaper print all over your hands."

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