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ZOOM Ultimate Wizardry Archives
Sold Out CD in jewel case (No Manuals)
(Win95/98) (Jewel Case) (WIZARCHPJ)

Publisher: SirTech / Interplay


ESRB Rating: Everyone - Animated violence

Eight Award-Winning Roleplaying Games

The Ultimate Wizardry Archives brings together the award-winning Wizardry series of roleplaying games all in one box. The entire collection is represented - from Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord through to Wizardry Gold, the latest in the series. It's a definite must for any RPG veteran, and a great place to begin for novices. It boasts months of gameplay, and makes an ideal addition to every gamer's collection.

Wizardry - Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord

The legend that started it all! Track down the evil wizard Werdna in his fortress labyrinth to retrieve a fabled amulet. Go where even the Mad Overlord himself fears to tread.

1988 Hall of Fame - Computer Gaming World
1978-1982 Most popular Program for the Apple Computer - Softalk Magazine

Wizardry II - Knight of Diamonds

The legendary armor of the "Knight of Diamonds" has been lost. The treacherous Davalpus has slain the royal family and blasted the Staff of Gnilda, and its rightful heir Alavik, from this world. Without the protective powers of the staff, the city will surely perish.

1984 Critic's Choice Award - Family Computing Magazine
One of the Best Ten Computer Games of the Year 1983 - Omni Magazine

Wizardry III - Legacy of Llylgamyn

Tidal waves, volcanoes, and earthquakes are destroying the city. Every day the pestilence sweeping the country is getting worse. You must retrieve the Orb of Arithin to find the cause of these catastrophes. The orb is held by one of the five children of the World Serpent - the dragon L'Kbreth. Take up your skills, seek out the dragon, and win from her the powerful orb.

Outstanding Achievement in Computer Software 1985 - Electronic Games Magazine

Wizardry IV - Return of Werdna

After his defeat years ago, where Werdna had lost the amulet, the evil wizard now struggles to find a way out of his own maze. You are Werdna and your worst nightmare came true. All the obstacles, traps and deadly creatures you had set up to protect your treasure and to prevent people from getting into your ten level dungeon, are now there only to keep you from leaving it.

1988 Entertainment Program of the Year Award of Excellence - Computer Entertainment

Wizardry V - Heart of the Maelstrom

Llylgamyn is in danger once again. Disasters worse than ever before are being inflicted by a magical vortex. The very fabric of reality itself is unraveling into chaos. It holds prisoner the Gatekeeper - whose responsibility it is to watch and preserve the balance between the planes of magic and the natural world. Do you have the heart to challenge the Heart of the Maelstrom?

Game of the Month - April 1989 - Gamer's Gazette

Wizardry VI - Bane of the Cosmic Forge

The Cosmic Forge is a magical pen with the unique power to weave written words into the cosmic fabric, making these words come true. Unfortunately it has been abused by evil forces for years, scripting horrors that no man has ever imagined. For a long while now, the King and his Queen have disappeared, and with them the Cosmic Forge. But now that you have arrived, all that is about to change.

1991 Best Role Playing Game - Strategy Plus Magazine
Top Role-Playing Game, April 1991 - Computer Gaming World

Wizardry VII - Crusaders of the Dark Savant

When the Cosmic Forge had been stolen, a previously undiscovered planet was unveiled and recognized as Lost Guardia. The legendary planet of the scientific genius Phoonzang was the secret resting place of the Astral Dominae, the world's only known record of Phoonzang's final and greatest discovery. Race to find the Astral Dominae, for he who finds it shall have the power of life itself.

1992 Role Playing Game of the Year - Strategy Plus Magazine
Editor's Choice Award - PC Games, December 1992

Wizardry Gold

The award-winning and classic epic - Wizardry VII - Crusaders of the Dark Savant - is now totally re-engineered and includes full speech, new cinematic sequences, new sound and music, and an entire suite of add-ons, tools and utilities.

1993 Role Playing Game of the Year - Computer Gaming World
1992 Fantasy Role Playing Game of the Year - PC Games

Requirements: Windows 95 or Windows 98 with DOS 5.0 or higher supported, 486DX/33 MHz or faster, 8 MB RAM, 1 MB SVGA, 2x CD-ROM drive, SoundBlaster or 100% compatible, mouse and keyboard.

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