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ZOOM Wings of Glory
Sold Out (DOS) (Retail) (WINGSOFGPR)

Origin / Electronic Arts


Suitable for all audiences


92% from PC Gamer

With Custom Mission Builder

They skimmed the clouds and dodged enemy bullets in their canvas-covered "aeros". You join their lofty ranks as an American pilot in the Great War, and learn to appreciate the personalities of both your comrades and the cantankerous planes you learn to fly. You'll develop a passion for real aerial combat - when you've got nothing but your wits and a machine gun keeping you alive.

Pouncing on the enemy from above, or positioning yourself for a kill in a tangled dogfight, you discover the only true goals are staying alive and taking down the colorful machines of the German Hunter Squadrons. As the story unfolds your skills become legendary - and the adventure intensifies as you match your wits against the best!

Play straight from the CD! You get all the action but use less hard drive space.

Experience how full cinematic speech gives real-world depth to your comrades' personalities.

Claim the hero's role in a gripping story - where the villains are ruthless, the traitors are cunning and the enemy aces reluctantly learn to respect your skill in the air.

Fly and master the Sopwith Pup and Camel, SESq, SPAD XIII and even a captured Fokker Dr. 1.

Take on a sky-full of fighters in Gauntlet Mode, take off, on your own with the Mission Generator, and even jump in to see how different maneuvers affect a dogfight with the Flight Recorder.

Encounter a world full of sound with 4-channel digital effects.


Intel 486/DX/33 or 100% compatible PC system (486DX/50 or faster recommended), 8 megs RAM, 15 megs hard drive space, MS-DOS 5.0 or higher, double speed CD-ROM drive, DOS CD-ROM Extensions version 2.1 or higher, 256 color VGA, Microsoft or 100% compatible mouse and driver, joystick recommended. Sound: Ad Lib, Sound Blaster, General MIDI (MPU-401 interface), or 100% compatible sound board. Supports: DOS 6.0 with DoubleSpace.


PC Gamer, May 1995

"Wings of Glory isn't just the most realistic-feeling World War I flight sim on the market, it's also a carefully crafted homage to the great aerial epics of the '20s and '30s. From the plot twists to the wonderfully campy dialog, all of the look and feel of those stirring sagas comes alive on your monitor screen."

"And, of course, there's a solid sim engine beneath it all. You can fly four types of practice missions (dogfight, bombing, random, and "gauntlet" - an arcade-like test skill in which successive waves of enemy planes come at you for as long as you can survive), but the heart of the game is its career mode. In it, you fly as a newly enlisted American pilot in the Royal Flying Corps at the start of 1917."

"Origin has taken great care to model the distinctive flight characteristics of each plane."

"One minor but irritating technical annoyance: Wings of Glory requires a ton of extended memory, so if you've just got the minimum 8 MB, you'll need to reduce your Smart Drive cache or remove it from your configuration."

"Quibbles aside, Origin has given us another superb product in Wings of Glory. It manifests the same epic sweep as the great movies that inspired it, and it balances challenge against reward to a perfect degree."

Computer Gaming World, June 1995

"Origin got enough feedback from players wanting more items in the flight model, so they created a patch 'GLORY.EXE' that adds a few features. If you download this file from the Origin BBS, you can add an up/forward (Lewis Gun) view to all the aircraft, make the aircraft easier to spin, add g-induced blackouts, and 'jet like' control response."

"In general, the graphics are very, very good. The external shots of airplanes going down are especially great. There is a lot of detail in the graphic model, even down to the pilot's scarves flapping in the breeze. The enemy artificial intelligence is good in the 'ace' mode, but once again, the main improvement is in gunnery."

"We found we really enjoyed this game once we installed the new patch file. It's good to see the game get continued support from Origin."

Computer Shopper, June 1995

"...Origin's Wings of Glory puts virtual pilots into World War I with a superb flight sim that is full of unique nuances, giving computer pilots another game to master."

"The best part about Wings of Glory is the battle simulation. The visuals are crisp, realistic, and detailed, with multiple camera angles. Five different planes (Sopwith Scout, Sopwith Camel, Fokker, RAF SE5a, and SPAD SXIII) - each with its own set of advantages, drawbacks, and handling characteristics - give you entirely different flying experiences."

"Don't go to Wings of Glory for plot or character interaction. Go to it for superb dogfighting, World War I-style. You won't be disappointed. In fact, you'll be thrilled by the wind whipping over canvas wings and the smoke of gunfire."

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