Windows 95 Showcase

Windows 95 Showcase - Starvector - Jewel Case - Win95 - $12.95

Starvector Software


Over 1100 Windows 95 Files and Applications

Over 1100 programs/640Mb of compressed files to run or install from your CD drive. Easy-to use interface will provide access to 22 different categories.

These applications are Shareware, Freeware, and Public Domain. The authors have done a great job of offering you quality applications. This CD is aimed at promoting their work.

Make Windows 95 work for you. Software titles are listed with the version & authors' Internet World Wide Web/E-mail addresses so if you want the upgrade, you'll get it in minutes.

Compressed files are handled with Windows 95's best utility, Winzip 6.1.

BBS ready: Galacticom, PCBoard, R.Access, TriBBS, and Wildcat.

All software has been tested against viruses. No infected files were found.

(C) Copyright 1996 CD-ROM Access. All Rights Reserved.