When Two Worlds War

When Two Worlds War - Sierra - Retail - DOS - Sold Out

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A Strategic Simulation of Interplanetary Conflict

Take control of your planet's state-of-the-art military workstation to explore and conquer other worlds. This exciting strategic simulation gives you the power to research new technologies, design and manufacture new vessels, and command them to carry out your strategy. Using a Build Unit Schedule, you'll design the crafts you need, when you need them - whether on land, sea, air, space, or all of these. You'll also create new worlds according to parameters set by you. If you're good enough, you'll rule the galaxy!

Enjoy digitized speech and Sci-Fi sound effects that transport you to other worlds.

Fantastic 256-color graphics bring your galaxy to life.

Special voice recognition lets you communicate easily with your workstation.

Requirements: MS-DOS 3.0+, 386/16, 640K RAM, VGA, hard drive, CD-ROM drive, Microsoft compatible mouse. Supports: SoundBlaster and Ad-lib.

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