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ZOOM West Front
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Retail) (WESTFRPR)

Publisher: TalonSoft

Game / War

Change How the West Was Won

The German war machine is on the move, striking terror into the hearts of all who get in its path. The Allies scramble to prevent world conquest at the hands of the Germans. Europe's fate is in your hands. Do not let us down.

This fast paced platoon-level game of tactical combat in Europe starts you out as a battalion commander and offers you promotion to higher ranks as the war progresses. Play one of 40 new scenarios and at least 8 new Campaign games created by an all-star design team or allow the computer to create a random battle for you.

View battles on a choice of 3D isometric or 2D overhead maps using the typical wargaming hex-grid system. Roads and railways slope in a more realistic fashion, and terrain types authentically reflect the various battle zones of North West Europe, the Mediterranean, and North African deserts. Amphibious operations are now possible with shallow water, beaches, and beach obstacles effective in the terrain mix. Conduct amphibious landings with the aid of off-map naval gunfire support to provide cover.

With a new enhanced campaign mode featuring new mission types and character promotions, full-feature scenario, organization and map editors, Western Front allows you to create your own battles from a database of hundreds of different platoon types, making you the game designer.

New, enhanced campaign mode featuring new mission types.

40 all-new scenarios and at least 8 new campaign games - plus new linked historical campaign scenarios.

Computer battle engine enables the computer to create random battles for you.

Ground-breaking full-function map and scenario editors - create your own battles from a database of over 500 new equipment and unit types.

New terrain features - the North African desert, the Bocage Region of Normandy and Europe.

Macro move lets you move entire organizations with a single mouse click.

Multi-player option for up to 16 people via LAN or Internet.

Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/XP, Pentium 133, quad speed CD-ROM drive, 75MB (compact install) or 230MB (typical install) free HD space required, video card capable of displaying 16 bit color or above, Microsoft compatible mouse, Windows compatible sound card and 32MB of RAM.

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