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ZOOM Webster's Family Interactive Encyclopedia
Sold Out (Win95/Win3.1 Only!) (Retail) (WEBSTFAMPR)

Win98 Users, see Webster's Interactive Encyclopedia 1998

Attica / Cambrix Publishing


Within this powerful encyclopedia is everything you'd expect from a renowned name like Webster's, and far more. Students, business users, parents and others have found its authoritative content, rich multimedia features, and easy-to-use design make it the ultimate reference source. Webster's offers more articles, more up-to-date information, and more exciting extras than any other multimedia encyclopedia. It's never been easier to explore our world.

Find Everything Easily. A combination of intuitive icons, point-and-click simplicity and multiple help features make navigation easy for all ages. You can search by key word or subject, find topic information through several indexes, or freely browse through the encyclopedia.

Immense Range of Interlinked Subjects. From the arts to astronomy, physics to business, and technology to literature, Webster's Family Interactive gives you authoritative information. More than 70,000 hyperlinks take you to related topics for even deeper research. For you convenience, the articles can be printed at the press of a button.

Explore A Multimedia Timeline. A massive chronology of world events from 4 million BC to the present day, the Timeline is an invaluable research aid - and a fascinating place to "scroll through." Over 13,000 items include hotlinks to related articles.

Zoom Around A World Atlas. A completely-updated interactive atlas offers multiple levels of zoom, links to related articles, printable maps and more. The "Country Facts" option provides detailed statistics on any region.

Take A Surprise Quiz. Whether you're eight or eighty, the quiz offers hours of entertainment - with over 7,000 intriguing questions. Select a skill level and a topic, start the timer, then have fun while you learn.


More than 35,000 updated articles

Over 90 minutes of video and audio clips

More than 4,000 detailed illustrations

70,000-plus "hotlinks" take you to related entries for deper research

New 13,000-itme multimedia Timeline of World History

Completely updated World Atlas

Entertaining quiz game with 7,000 wide-ranging questions

Intuitive navigation makes research easy for all ages

Print articles, maps and illustrations

Includes These Exciting Extras:

Over one hundred essays by prominent scholars

"On This Day" feature brings historical events to your screen for every day of the year

"Famous Quotes" section with over 6,000 entries

Dictionary of Difficult Words, with usage, grammar and spelling

Famous People Index offers biographies and hotlinks to related articles

Requirements: 80486SX-25 CPU, 4MB RAM (8MB recommended), 256 color, 640x480 graphics card, 16 bit sound card, double-speed CD-ROM drive, 5MB free hard disk space, Microsoft CD-ROM extension 2.2. Compatible with Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. Does not work with Windows 98!

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