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ZOOM Battleground 3: Waterloo
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Retail) (WATERLOOPR)

Talon Soft


Difficulty Level: Intermediate


91% from PC Gamer - Editors' Choice

4½ stars from Computer Gaming World

B+ from PC Games

Time: June 18th, 1815

Place: Waterloo, Belgium

The Allied armies, under the command of England's Duke of Wellington and Prussia's Field Marshall Blucher, could not stop Napoleon two days before at the twin battles of Ligny and Quatre-Bras. The Duke has decided to make one last stand against Napoleon at the hamlet of Waterloo.

Can you turn Napoleon's ultimate defeat into glorious victory? Will the Prussians arrive in time - or perhaps not at all? What if Grouchy arrives to reinforce Napoleon?

Now the award-winning "Battlegournd" series brings history's greatest battle to life like never before. Battleground 3: Waterloo puts you in command of Napoleon's "Grande Armee," where command decisions will decide the fate of Europe!

Elegant, effortless Windows interface

Easy to learn, hard to master

Stunning Battleview 3-D graphics system

Play the French forces of Napoleon or the Allied armies of Wellington and Blucher

Human vs computer, head to head via modem, or play by e-mail

Vivid sound effects and music

Richly rewarding historical content

Variable Command Features - control some or all of your army


Windows 3.1 or Windows 95/98/Me/XP, 100% PC compatibles, 486DX33 minimum, 5MB minimum free hard disk space, double speed (2x) CD-ROM drive, 8MB RAM minimum, Microsoft compatible mouse, 256 color SVGA, supporting 640x480, 800x600 or 1024x768 screen resolutions, Windows compatible sound cards.


PC Gamer, August 1996

"Battleground: Waterloo is indeed a visual feast. It is also an expert simulation of Napoleonic tactics - gamers who come to this product straight from Battleground: Gettysburg will have to make some serious adjustments in their tactical thinking.

"For one thing, the notorious inaccuracy of smoothbore muskets makes artillery, bayonet-melees, and cavalry charges much more decisive than marksmanship. Unit-facing, morale, fatigue, and leadership factors all become more critical than they were in the Civil War game."

"As was the case with Gettysburg, you have the option of playing the entire engagement or of refighting all of the critical 'modules' that made up the overall battle. But you get even more for your investment: a truly fascinating series of 'what if?' scenarios that are predicated on hypothetical turning points that could have caused the battle to go very differently.

"Each game is prefaced by some truly breathtaking video sequences - out-takes, I believe, from Russian director Serge Bondarchuk's magnificent four-hour film, Waterloo - and the soundtrack features stirring, authentic, period marches.

"Like its predecessors in the Battleground series, Waterloo strikes a fine balance between authentic detail and sheer, red-blooded playability. The grognards will find little to grumble about here, and the novice wargamer won't find the learning curve prohibitive. This is a spectacular game, and a riviting history lesson as well."

Computer Gaming World, August 1996

"The Napoleonic Era is often considered to be the Grand Age of Warfare. Indeed, this era had everything: advancements in technology, innovation in tactics, large armies, colorful uniforms, impressive martial airs, and famous battles of grandiose size. Napoleon, for example, fielded a massive army of 175,000 at the battle of Leipzig, whereas his famous predeccessor, Frederic the Great, had a 'mere' 77,000 at Hohenfriedberg as his largest force. Napoleon is well-known, of course, for his successful use of cavalry as shock troops, but he also added to the infantry manual. Where the accepted 18th-century tactic was for armies to attack in line, Napoleon had refined the art of massive column attacks by the early 19th century.

"Battleground: Waterloo does the best job yet of any computer game to capture the glory, spirit and tactics of this fascinating era of warfare. Yes, the game 'only' covers the Waterloo battle. But the historical game takes 44 turns, you have the option of playing shorter scenarios (various venues within the battle), and the real treat is a longer 'What if the weather had been better?' version of the battle that's even longer than the 'big battle.'"

"Yet, when it comes down to it, Battleground: Waterloo is the best Napoleonic gaming experience I've ever had. I've played miniatures with rules authors, classic board games with champion players, and tried every Napoleonic computer game I could get my hands on. This one captures the flavor, the strategy and the spirit of the era like no other game I've played..."

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