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ZOOM WarWind
$14.95 (Win95/98) (CD w/ Manual) (WARWINDPO)

Strategic Simulations, Inc



90% from PC Gamer

Conflict is the Great Teacher

The ancient, alien world of Yavaun teeters on the brink of anarchy as the winds of change threaten to blow civilization asunder.

For centuries, four diverse races have tolerated a precarious balance of power. But the time has come for change. A new order is in the wind - and it will be born of blood and fire. War Wind allows you to view this epic struggle through the eyes of four unique races, each with its own strengths, weaknesses and distinctive A.I.

A real-time strategy masterwork, War Wind features 28 ready-to-play scenarios. A powerful Scenario Editor that allows you to place units and build new battles. And a story of such compelling depth you won't believe it's just a game.

The Four Races of Yavaun...

Tha'Roon: The most intellectually developed of the four races. Tha' Roon have dominated Yavaun for a thousand years - and intend to keep it that way.

Obblinox: The brawn behind Tha' Roon brains. Long and loyal supporters of the ruling Tha' Roon, this warrior race grows weary of its role as follower.

Eaggra: By the labor of a thousand years these slaves have built the Empire. Now, it is time for the Eaggra to build their own structures - on the ashes of the Empire.

Shama'Li: This race of mystics bears a heavy burden - to guide the four races through this troubled time, so that an ancient dream may yet come true...

Game Features:

Carry your 8 favorite units from scenario to scenario

Advanced combat options include stealth movement, bio-mechanically enhanced units and monstrosities

Units can advance in rank through training, gaining power along the way

Multiplayer and head-to-head play via network and modem

An online tutorial and pop-up windows help you learn the game quickly

Achieve victory through diverse means such as combat, spell-casting and alliances

Forces can gain prestige, attracting wandering heroes to aid in campaigns

Dozens of 3D cinematics tell the saga of each race's struggle to survive


Pentium 60 required (Pentium 120 recommended), Windows 95 required, 16 MB RAM minimum required, 2X CD-ROM drive or faster, PCI video recommended, 5 MB of hard drive space required (40 MB or hard drive space recommended), 50 MB of hard drive space required for network play, uncompressed hard drive required, Windows 95 compatible video card, 1 MB SVGA Windows 95 compatible video card.


PC Gamer, January 1997

"I personally really like War Wind better than any of the other real-time strategy games. WarCraft II included. It has many of the same elements that made those titles fun, but it also has deeper strategy gameplay and different pacing that lifts it above an action title and presents a game world that is substantially more fleshed out and interesting than any yet seen."

"War Wind is, simply, a lot of fun, but at a more sophisticated level than the usual real-time brain splatting. It's clearly working within the well-established genre set forth by WarCraft II and Command and Conquer, but instead of merely disappearing into the fray as a carbon copy, War Wind takes it to the next step, with style, playability, and depth."

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