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$19.95 (Win98/Me/XP/2000) (DVD Case) (WARRIORKPR)

Developer: Black Cactus
Publisher: Microids


Animated violence and blood


93 from ToTheGame

Chaos and War Reign in a World of Knights and Demons.

You are tasked with restoring the power of a kingdom to its former glory using innate cunning, military might and a fearsome will to win. Now it is time for the Warrior Kings to come to the fore.

Warrior Kings™ is an epic real-time strategy game that smashes the mould. Using true 3D it propels you into a living, breathing and fascinating medieval fantasy world, a world for you to master, a world for you to grasp and seize control. Now it’s all in your hands !


Build up your economic and military power base, research new technologies, and employ spies, mercenaries, priests and merchants to enhance your strength.

Use real military formations and tactics to conquer on the battlefield: perform flanking manoeuvres, take control of the high ground, ambush and destroy massive formations using pikemen, archers and cavalry!

Master the skills of siege warfare and watch in stunning ‘zoom-able’ 3D as your troops swarm over castle walls to sack mighty cities.

Follow the game path that suits your skills: the church with her crusading knights; the pagan gods with their destructive demons, or the renaissance scientists with their advanced technology.

Conduct a massive campaign through 22 extraordinary levels made up of over 80 unique quests.

Can you grab power where many others have failed? Resurrect a once mighty empire and make yourself lord of all you survey. Seize power, and become a mighty Warrior King !


Windows 98/Me/2000/XP:Minimum requirements: 350 MHz System RAM : 128 MB RAM :900MB Hard Disk Space: 8 Mb RAM with 3D acceleration and DirectX 8

Recommended configuration : 733 Mhz System RAM : 256 Mb Video : 32 Mb RAM with 3D acceleration and DirectX 8


ToTheGame by Einar Lende

"From the developers at Black Cactus comes a RTS that’s been in development for quite a while. Abandoned by Sierra, but supported further on by Microids, the gripping tale of a sons revenge unfolds. I’m of course talking about the game, that surprised quite a lot of folks at the ECTS 2000 and 2001, Warrior Kings. Artos, son of a mighty Duke in the lands of Orbis, is forced to flee from the kingdom after witnessing his fathers murder by the hands of the evil Pontiff of the lands. But not before pledging his return, to wreak a terrible revenge on the Pontiff, he sets sail for Caledon in the Western sea. So, what does all this tell you about the game. Practically nothing, except that this is the main story-thread throughout the game play. In the footsteps of the Dukes son, you rebuild his empire by once again uniting your troops, spread all across a continent embossed by chaos. While this is the single-player storyline in a nutshell, the multiplayer builds on it and is primarily constructed option-wise like other RTS-games (as far as I could see).

"Despite minor bugs still in the programming (maybe towards certain hardware/drivers) and quite some work getting used to the general commands implemented, the game is actually very complex and delivers quite a bit of new options for a gamer to choose from. In basic it plays out similar to other concepts like the craft-series and Ages of Empires, but with Warrior Kings this idea has been pushed a bit forward. More details has been implemented, making the civilization that one creates function more like a community."

"As said earlier there is a story-tread present and the way player chooses to solve confrontations affects the main storyline. In example, if you rescue a witch from execution at the stake, she will later offer to capture a demon for you, which you then can then use in the level to your advantage."

"Graphically the game looks very nice and taking into consideration the enormous maps with large amounts of activity, the concept is a great achievement forward for RTS gaming. There at many small details partly hidden in the community of the working man, which one will soon find out while playing. Shopkeepers carrying cash-boxes to the bank for deposit and so on. It all makes me think back to the Settlers games and how they worked. These are important factors to study, resulting in creating more efficient communities in future regions. When it comes to the sound part, there’s not much new to say. The music fits well into the landscape and surroundings, and the effects makes the communities and battles feel more real. From the sound of workers chopping down trees to the whistling effects from a rain of arrows approaching the enemy. I could almost picture myself living in towns like that, among the people and the huge ammount of taverns I produced."

"All in all this is certainly a worthy adversary to upcoming games like Warcraft III and similar titles. Getting started with Warrior King may prove to be the hardest challenge cause of the games complexity, but none the less this will also give players a better appreciation towards the game, giving them more options to perform. The value of the game also increases as you’ll probably need more hours to master it."

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