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ZOOM Warlords III:
Darklords Rising
Sold Out (Win95/98) (Retail) (WARL3DLRPR)

Stand alone sequel to the award winning - Warlords III: Reign of Heroes

Strategic Studies Group / Red Orb Entertainment


Difficulty: Intermediate

ESRB Rating: Everyone


4½ stars from Computer Gaming World

The Epic Battle of Strategy and Conquest Continues...

In my world, if you are unable to out-think the clever, overpower the mighty and defeat the powerful...I will ensure your journey ends suddenly. So, unless you are ready to plunge headlong into death's dream of darkness, you must summon your soul's every resource. Or the last thing you will hear is my sword whistling through the night air.

Only Superior Strategy Will Conquer Evil!

A pall of unspeakable evil, merciless slaughter and unbridled destruction has fallen across the Realm of Etheria. Will you be able to stop their unholy juggernaut?

Enter a rich fantasy world teeming with rage, revenge and bravery. Five epic campaigns and massive strategic battles serve as proving grounds that challenge the mettle of even the greatest of heroes.

New Features:

Expanded Gameplay
4 new campaigns and 15 stand-alone scenarios, plus the original Reign of Heroes campaign and 13 original stand-alone scenarios.

Advanced AI
The highly adaptable, challenging and aggressive AI counters every move and devises its own complex and dynamic counter strategies.

New Multiplayer Games
Wage war in 9 new multiplayer games with up to 8 players including Crusade, North vs. South, and Instant Chaos. Each is optimized for multiplayer play and supported by Red Orb Zone, Mplayer, TCP/IP and LAN.

More Heroes/Units
5 new heroes and 31 new units for a total of 15 heroes and 95 units, each with it's own unique abilities and special skills.

More Spells
Cast 19 new magic spells and 9 new abilities for a total of 35 spells and 40 abilities.

Random Maps
An enhanced random map generator quickly and easily creates an infinite number of maps for unlimited replayabiltiy.

Simultaneous Turns
Revolutionary simultaneous movement enables you to charge, do battle and retreat, all in real-time.

Game Editor
Players create their own unique Warlords universe with a fully functional map, item and campaign editor.


Windows 95/98: 75MHz Pentium or faster, 16MB RAM, minimum 80MB hard disk space, 4x CD-ROM drive or faster, 640x480, 800x600, and 1024x768 video mode, 256 colors, Sound Blaster 16 or 100% Sound Blaster compatible 16-bit sound card, Video and Sound cards compatible with DirectX 5.01a or higher.

Multiplayer Options: Support for 8 player via IPX, 4 player via 28.8Kbps or faster Internet connection and 2 player via modem.


Computer Gaming World, December 1998

"Gamers familiar with Reign of Heroes will feel right at home - not surprising considering the first game is on the CD. Gameplay is still turn-based and grounded in a rich fantasy setting. Darklords Rising's main campaign picks up where Reign of Heroes left off, only this time you play the misunderstood and maligned Lord Bane. There are four other campaigns to immerse yourself in as well."

"The newest and best feature of Darklords Rising isn't a part of the game proper - it's the fully functional editor. The game comes bundled with everything that you need to design, build, and edit maps, scenarios, and campaigns. You can even edit the intro, victory, defeat, and resignation texts. The game had replay value before, but now there's just no stopping it."

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