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ZOOM War, Inc.
$14.95 (Win95/DOS) (Retail) (WARINCPR)

Interactive Magic


Welcome To the World of Heavy Firepower and High Finance

Research new weapons technologies, design and customize the ultimate war machines, and sell your mercenary services to the highest bidder. Build field bases, manufacture your weapons and defenses, and annihilate the enemy. It's just another day at the office.

In the 21st Century, private security forces have evolved into powerful armies under corporate control. Take command of your own corporation and its armies, and assume control of research and development, production, and strategic and tactical combat. In this world, you are both Commander-in-Chief and C.E.O.

Fight real-time campaigns and battles of your own choosing. Design, customize, and manufacture your own futuristic weapons and units, then lead them to victory on the battlefield. Annihilate the enemy to reap huge profits. Re-invest your hard-won dollars in new weapons technologies, or gamble on the stock market. You make the decisions that keep your company in the black and give your fighting forces the edge in tomorrow's fields of war.


Command your forces through more than 70 real-time battles spanning 24 campaign settings

Choose from more than twenty basic unit types that can be researched, designed, and customized for more than a million possible variants

Dozens of different weapons systems to be mounted on the vehicles of your choice - from machine guns and hellfire missiles to plasma accelerators and rail guns

Finance your company by accepting mercenary missions or playing the stock market - you decide which is riskier

Use nanotechnology to clone soldiers in the field, then train them in new specialties

Play alone through a detailed storyline, or take the battle to your friends via modem or local-area network (IPX)

Quick combat or simulation mode

Requirements: DOS or Windows 95 compatible. Pentium 90, 16 MB RAM, VESA drive 1.2 or above, SoundBlaster or 100% compatible, mouse, 2x CD-ROM, minimum 60 MB hard drive space (suggested full install on 150 MB hard drive space).


Computer Shopper, March 1998

"Blurring the line between boardroom and battlefield, War Inc. gives new meaning to the phrase 'hostile takeover.' This real-time strategy game from Interactive Magic imagines a future where armed conflict will be less about opposing ideologies than about profits and losses.

"You are cast as the head of a private security firm (a polite term for 'mercenary army') hired by large corporations to assure that their financial interests remain unchallenged. You're granted total autonomy with regard to corporate investments and research, as well as your own business of designing and building high-tech combat units, devising battle strategies, and commanding troops."

"The designers use an extremely simplified financial model to depict the dirty details of buying and selling stock, tracking market performance, and acquiring corporations. Judicious investments and strategic procurements - carefully weighed against operating expenses - are key to your company's ability to build, maintain, and train your forces. To win a war, you must turn a profit. Lose too much money, and you're fired."

"Things get a little less interesting when the real-time battles begin. Graphically sparse, the game falls far behind the current state of the art..."

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