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ZOOM Definitive Wargame Collection
Sold Out (DOS Only!) (Retail) (WARGCOLPR)

SSI / Mindscape


Swords to Starships

A dozen classic hits from three top publishers!

Imagine having a collection like this, including a plethora of extra scenarios not originally available with some games - without wasting any time or energy collecting at all. Well, stop imagining and get to gaming - we've done the collecting for you. Here's what's inside -

From Strategic Studies Group (SSG):

Decisive Battles of the American Civil War, vols. I, II & III. Use the award-winning Decisive Battles game system to simulate the challenge of Civil War combat.

Gold of the Americas. Battle for control of the New World as England, France, Spain or Portugal - and carve out an empire.

Battlefront. Use the award-winning land combat simulation system featuring: Panzer Battles, Rommel, Halls of Montezuma and MacArthur's War.

Reach for the Stars. Embark on a dizzying campaign of interstellar conquest and colonization.

Warlords. The peace is broken - now the eight mighty empires of Illuria must contend for supreme power.

From Impressions:

Conquest of Japan. As a Japanese Lord, send samurai warriors into battle to regain your ancestral lands.

D-Day: The Beginning of the End. Relive this decisive WWII battle as either the Allied or Axis forces.

Global Domination. Conquer endless worlds in the ultimate multiplayer conquest simulation.

When Two Worlds War. It's planet vs. planet in this futuristic strategic wargame.

From Strategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI):

Battles of Napoleon. Reconstruct any Napoleonic battle - real or imagined.

Sword of Aragon. In this fantasy game, strategy meets sword & sorcery.

Wargame Construction Set II: TANKS! Armored conflict, past and present - any way you want it.

Extra Scenarios!

In addition to these classics, you get 26 additional scenarios for Battles of Napoleon and 40 for Wargame Const. Set II: TANKS! You also get our collection of additional scenarios from SSG's RUN 5 magazine, which amounts to 27 extra scenarios for Decisive Battles of the American Civil War, and 37 for Battlefront.

Requirements: 386, 486 & 100% compatibles (386/33 or faster recommended), 2MB of RAM and VGA card, MS-DOS ver. 5.0 or greater, 50MB hard drive space for full installation (uncompressed hard drive recommended), Sound Blaster family and 100% compatibles, supports mouse and keyboard.

CD is transport only. Must be copied to hard drive to play.

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