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ZOOM Virtua Fighter
Sold Out (Win95/98) (OEM, in envelope) (VIRTUAFPO)



Suitable for all audiences


8 out of 10 from Computer Player


Computer Gaming World, December 1994

"I was immediately impressed by the quality of the drawings at the character select screen; each of the game's eight fighters was beautifully drawn. The first round began, and I instantly noticed the attention to every detail present in the original arcade game. The music that preludes each round and the announcer's voice were both arcade-perfect. The silky-smooth animation in the characters' ready-to-fight stances was breathtaking; it looked better than that of the Edge 3D version. The setup was perfect. VFPC had captured the feel of the original VFR (Virtua Fighter Remix). The only thing that could screw it up was sub-standard gameplay."

"I immediately jumped in and began to pummel my first opponent, Jackie. The controls were as frisky as the arcade's. There wasn't the lag time between button press and onscreen action that normally accompanies PC fighting games. The throws, punches, kicks, combos and voices that made VFR so cool were here. The polygon rotation, which is ultra-smooth from start to finish, left me slack-jawed. You won't find any choppiness. A defining attribute of VFR was the AI (Artificial Intelligence). The computer played very strategically, and if you wanted to win, you had to have a handle on all of your character's moves."

PC Gamer, December 1996

"Translations of popular fighting games have been a mixed bag on the PC; without the addition of a 3D accelerator board, our favorite game platform lacks the dedicated graphics hardware of the arcade machines and 32-bit consoles like the PlayStation. Virtua Fighter PC is a happy exception to this rule, though. Some really tight programming must've gone into this one, because even without special 3D hardware, it sports both gorgeous, texture-mapped graphics and smooth-as-silk gameplay. It includes a few new features, too, like the ability to adjust the camera angle and change the background art at will, and new options include Team Battles and a Ranking Mode."

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