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ZOOM Versailles II
Testament of the King
$9.95 (Win95/98Me/XP) (Retail) (VERSAIL2PR)

Publisher: Cryo


B from Just Adventure

Versailles, 1700

The affair causing a stir throughout the kingdom of France and all of Europe is the Spanish succession. Who will King Charles II name in his will as heir to his innumerable possessions?

It is at this point that Charles-Louis de Faverolles turns up at the Court of Louis XIV, with neither influence at court nor money. He is, however, armed with the ambition to become a diplomat, in the hope of being sent specifically to Spain, where he yearns to be reunited with the maiden Elvira, his childhood sweetheart.

Taking on the role of this character, you must enter the Court and acquire its customs. You will need to choose your allies, unfurl plots involving spies and courtiers, and, in the words of the Minister for Foreign Affairs; be prepared to perform innumerable services!

The most authentic of historical adventures

A passionate adventure created on the basis of real events in a perfectly reconstructed period environment.

A new graphics engine with 3D photo-realistic modelling, enabling total and natural immersion in the story.

Real characters from the Court - and Louis XIV himself - with whom it is necessary to converse in order to progress through the game.

Visual, dynamic and sound effects that add realism to the adventure.

Puzzles to be solved, situations to be reversed, webs of intrigue to untangle...

An exceptional cultural reference

Lavish and varied decor: the Chateau, the Grande Ecurie, and above all, the gardens, with their underground passages and gushing fountains, including some reconstructions of marvels no longer intact today.

Games that were actually practised at the Court of the Sun King integrated into the adventure (lansquenet, mail...)

An information space directly linked to the game, allowing knowledge to be enriched and details about Castle and Court life to be discovered.

An orchestra of 25 musicians directed by the harpsichordist Skip Sempe, who has specially recorded more than an hour of music for the game (works by Lully, Marin Marais, Couperin, Campra...)


Windows 95/98/Me/XP: Pentium 350 MHz or higher, 32MB RAM (64MB recommended), video card with thousands of colors, 8x CD-ROM drive (24x recommended), Soundblaster compatible sound card 16 bits.

Tested on Windows XP. Requires VERSAILLES 2 PATCH EUROPE ONLY PC-CD to correct Save Game bug.


Just Adventure by Tom Houston

"Versailles II is a very linear, very historical game that is heavy on educational content but still manages to provide an interesting and challenging adventure game for the player. You will travel to locations by use of a Map feature that will normally give you only one or a minimum number of choices at each juncture in the game, thus, maintaining the linearity of movement throughout the game."

"The graphics and animations are excellent, the music is very complementary to what is happening on the screen and the puzzles provide a lot of variations by offering historical insights into popular games of the time and challenging the player to perform skills and answer quizzes that are appropriate for the unveiling and progression of the story.

"I enjoyed Versailles II, but then I especially like "edutainment" games, so I'm relatively easy to please. Having said that, I feel obligated to say that it didn't "captivate" me the way many other "edutainment" games have done and I visited Versailles last June, 2001, so…I was looking forward to the return trip by way of this game."

Quandary Review by Rosemary Young

"Set in 1699 some 14 years after Versailles 1, this game showcases a slightly different face of Versailles. Instead of being played out inside the sumptuous galleries and function rooms, on this occasion you are permitted only a peep into these areas with the stables, the gardens, and nearby hostelleries playing the major role."

"Versailles II: Testament of the King is not a difficult game. The puzzles are not difficult and it is very easy to work your way through the story even though it’s not fleshed out much and not always crystal clear..."

"...But Versailles II: Testament of the King isn’t technically an adventure; it’s heavily weighted towards being an interactive book as you simply follow along where you are led learning about Versailles and French customs along the way..."

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